Kimbo hype: a case study in negrophilia

An addendum to the previous post. Indra writes: In personal experience, I have also noticed that these negrophiles have no athletic history. White athletes, especially from combat-related sports like wrestling or football, quickly realize that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and that blacks with visually impressive muscularity are often NOT that powerful or effective in competition.

The Kimbo Slice story offers a particularly glaring example of this phenomenon.

In terms of external appearance, Kimbo Slice is undoubtedly in the 99th percentile of scary-looking negritude. Using Guy White logic it's obvious he's the greatest fighter of all time. With no hint of irony, (middle-aged, Jewish nerd) Mencius Moldbug describes Kimbo as "built to win".

Unfortunately for the logic of Guy White and Mencius Moldbug, the Kimbo hype train had already been repeatedly derailed by the time Mencius hopped aboard (continue reading).

Kimbo's notoriety stems from a backyard fight video posted on a website owned by his employer (Kimbo worked as a limo driver for a Miami pornographer) and subsequent videos aimed at capitalizing on the popularity of the first video by pitting Kimbo against ever bigger scrubs in locations such as boatyards.

With Kimbo hype running wild on the internets, overweight, white police officer Sean Gannon challenged Kimbo and a fight was arranged. This being the first videotaped fight in which Kimbo faced a competent boxer, Kimbo lost. But Guy White logic being what it is, the Kimbo hype was only beginning.

Kimbo commenced a Mixed Martial Arts career with a series of fights against no-name and washed-up opponents. With two professional fights under his belt, Kimbo was made the headliner on the first MMA card aired in primetime on American network television. CBS marketing of EliteXC took Kimbo hype to new levels. With the help of some controversial reffing, Kimbo made it past his CBS debut. In his next outing, however, his handpicked opponent was forced to withdraw, and Kimbo was left facing pudgy, light heavyweight UFC washout Seth Petruzelli, who dropped him with a jab, defeating Kimbo at 0:14 of the first round. Their overhyped fighter exposed, EliteXC crumbled a short time later (it did not help that Petruzelli intimated he had been paid to stand with Kimbo). UFC president Dana White had this to say:

Yet upon signing Kimbo to appear on the UFC's reality show, Dana White himself entered the Kimbo Slice hype game, and marketing for Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter centered around Kimbo. No one who knows anything about MMA was surprised when Kimbo lost his fight on the show. To this guy:

Dana White, however, relying on the heavily-marketed ghetto clown for ratings, sulked, and the show continued to milk Kimbo hype with teasers hinting at a return. But when given the chance at another fight on the show, Kimbo declined. Nonetheless, Kimbo received a UFC contract.

Incidentally, here is the actual greatest MMA fighter in the world.


Anonymous said...

Great post. The negrophilia is pathetic and nauseating. Kimbo is a bitch.

I wonder if intelligence is involved as well. MMA might be just too cognitively demanding for the negroes. Especially relative to simpler contests like boxing.

Fedor is a beast. And though he seems easygoing and nice, he is pretty intimidating, at least to me. He's big and he's got that dour, somewhat criminal, Slavic look.

coldequation said...

Mencius is a nerd who probably has no interest in UFC or MMA. I would read his reference to Kimbo not as a case study in Negrophilia, but as a an attempt to reference a tough guy. It's not his fault that the most famous "tough guy" in the world at this time is the Great Black Hype. I doubt that many people could name a single UFC fighter except for Kimbo. Anybody who doesn't actually follow MMA probably thinks Kimbo is a genuine badass, which would be almost everybody, be they Jewish or Nordic, young or middle-aged, nerdy or not. I disabused my blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nazi recruiting poster looking, decidedly non-nerdy uncle of this same notion.

It would be more interesting to see who promoted Kimbo, who he's marketed at, and who his actual fans are. I don't believe nerdy Jews are the target market of UFC. I would guess they were trying to bring in sports-fan types who don't actually follow MMA, like my uncle.

You still haven't dealt with the reality that blacks are seriously overrepresented in just about every major sport. Cherry-picking one fraud doesn't really change that.

n/a said...


Gary Shaw and his wigger, wannabe-rapper son Jared brought Kimbo into EliteXC. I suspect they're of at least partial Jewish ancestry but am unable to confirm that. Gary Shaw is a boxing promoter from New Jersey. Shaw can be an "Americanized form of some like-sounding Ashkenazic Jewish surname." In terms of appearance, they could easily fit into the indistinct end of the Ashkenazi spectrum.

Kimbo's manager and former employer is Mike Ember. "IceyMike" could easily be Jewish as well, though again, I would not swear to it. All I can say is he lives in Miami, runs an internet pornography business, and definitely appears to be at least partly non-NW European (if he's not Jewish, my next guess would be part-Cuban).

I don't believe nerdy Jews are the target market of UFC. I would guess they were trying to bring in sports-fan types

That's kind of my point. I find it problematic that many sports fans have been conditioned to believe only blacks are real athletes and that a sport is not legitimate unless blacks are massively overrepresented.

You still haven't dealt with the reality that blacks are seriously overrepresented in just about every major sport.

Even if we grant for the sake of argument that black overrepresentation in the NBA and NFL is purely a function of greater natural ability, it changes nothing I've written. I can easily believe blacks have natural advantages in short sprints and jumping, but this does not translate to being universally more athletic. Nor does running fast mean you can fight, for example.

Nor would black dominance at elite levels imply large differences in ability between average blacks and average whites. White high school football teams routinely trounce black high school football teams.

I'm responding to derangement of the sort expressed by Peter (black men have better bodies than white men of equal weight 99% of the time), Andrei/Andrea Freiboden (all blacks can beat up all whites), etc.

TGGP said...

Mencius is in his thirties, newly married and with an infant. Not middle-aged (that would be Sailer). I first heard him (or anyone else) reference Kimbo when he compared himself to Slice with regard to his discussion with Manzi in the "Popper is my homeboy" thread. It is also my impression that he isn't much of an MMA fan (neither am I, I'm very nerdy and rarely watch sports or television generally).

coldequation said...

I find it problematic that many sports fans have been conditioned to believe only blacks are real athletes and that a sport is not legitimate unless blacks are massively overrepresented.

Right. I just take issue with blaming it on meds, Jews, nerds, and middle-aged men, based on a few anecdotes.

Anonymous said...

It drives me nuts when people use the NFL or NBA as Exhibit Prime of their black superiority argument. The point is so easily refuted, it is frustrating. Of course the big barriers are differences in puberty onset, and racial discrimination in scholarship offers at colleges (which are the de facto minor leagues). But even the rules of the game affect outcomes here.

For example, compare basketball played internationally to the NBA. NBA black-sketball has fared horribly for the last decade in international competition... Why? Mainly because of different rules and more unbiased refereeing.

And football... We have seen big fat blacks take over the offensive line position in the last few years.. Why? Mainly because of changes in the rules for blocking, which took athleticism and movement of the equation, now rewarding size (width and wingspan) to the exclusion of everything else.

Other rule changes, such as not being able to bump receivers, favor height and pure sprinting speed in receivers.

Going back further, the rule for unlimited substitutions eliminated the need for endurance from the game. How do you think that effected the representation of the races?

The fact that we have created a game that favors the one trait that blacks have an advantage in, the short sprints, is just a function of rule making.

But I tell you what, it is sure doing its job as a propaganda piece. Even otherwise pro-White people are just convinced blacks are some kind of athletic super race.

Robert8 said...

OK, I'm the french living in the US. I'll tell you what. Blacks have been in the US for almost as long as the whites. So either you keep them or you get rid of them. OK, so you'll keep them. In such a case, you need to make them feel like they have a place, an honorable place, in the society. Blacks don't definitively fit the stereotype of the computer geek, so, sports? why not. Give them anything but give them the feeling that they can be good, and happy, maybe even better than whites at something. It doesn't matter too much if it's true or not. Some people, blacks in particular, need positive stereotypes to function. Also, tell them that it should not be the job of whites to complain about hispanic immigration, but it should be the blacks', as hispanics take many jobs away from them.

In my opinion anyway, high level competition sport is of little importance in the performance of a society. It's day to day sport that keep the white kids healthy that matters, and education: maths, history, english. Forget spanish, forget ideology propaganda at school, such as political concepts that kids can not grasp anyway. And if you decide to keep black and white kids together in public schools, then you need to treat them differently. Not all black kids, but many of them don't respond well in an education environnement that has adapted to 2thousands years of white civilisation. Time is not far, or maybe we are already there, when black african kids raised in african education systems on the cheap will show better math and language skills than african americans raise with hight $.

n/a said...


Moldbug says he graduated from college in 1992, which puts him around 40.


I don't think blacks need outside help to have inflated self-esteem. Blacks manage to perceive themselves as more intelligent than whites, for example.

I agree that the value of sports is primarily in participation, but the fact remains that handing over professional sports in America to blacks did and does have real consequences.


The quote from Larry Bird supports my thesis. Bird clearly feels (or felt) the need to set himself apart specifically from other whites. "Red" or "yellow" people guarding him did not bother him despite the fact that no one argues these are natural superathletes. Perhaps relevant:

Bird received a basketball scholarship to Indiana University in 1974. However, he was overwhelmed by the size of the campus and number of students and, as he would later admit in his biographies, was not mentally ready for this stage of life. Bird was also treated poorly by an established [white] IU star, Kent Benson; as Bird recalled, the other upperclassmen of the team treated him well.[5] He dropped out of Indiana and went home to French Lick where he enrolled in the nearby Northwood Institute before dropping out and getting a job with the Street Department (the department did pick up garbage once a week, but also repaired roads, removed snow, mowed lawns, etc.) for a year.[6]

Additionally, Bird was middle-aged and retired when he made those comments. Still, if you look at the context (an interview in which Bird noted more white stars would increase the popularity of the NBA), some of what he said may have simply been PC ass-covering.

Indra said...

Bird's comments are just an indirect form of self hype and self flattery. Hyping the incredible athletic power of blacks just makes him look better, since he was better than all of them in his day.

He's always played up the "hick from French Lick" image and spoken disparagingly of his own athleticism, so why wouldn't he do so for others?

Like so many others, Bird is happy to throw his fellow Whites under the bus to elevate his own status.

Since blacks are sooooo athletic, it is a black man's game, and he was sooooo slow and non-athletic, how exactly do we explain his own dominance in the sport? Must be his superhuman character and intelligence, right Larry? Nothing so mundane as a world-class combination of size, coordination, strength, quickness, oh no, definitely not... What makes Larry special must be transcendent, godlike, totally unexplainable with reference to athleticism....

His comments are especially galling because the man who carried the defensive load on his championship teams was Kevin McHale, a fellow White, and All-Defensive Team player. I personally think the best defensively player in the history of the league is also White, a block and steal machine named Andre Kirilenko.

Anonymous said...

"some of what he said may have simply been PC ass-covering."

No doubt.

Interesting anecdote from Bill Simmons:

"Back in 1976, the Fledgling Basketball Jesus (Simmons, a white sports writer, displaying contempt for a white athlete) enrolled at Indiana University and left after a few unhappy weeks, eventually settling down at Indiana State two years later. During his brief I.U. stage, Bird felt that some of the veteran players on the team, including Benson, hadn't been very nice to him. So when he made the NBA, he went out of his way to embarrass Benson -- a mediocre big man for the Pistons -- at every opportunity. This culminated in Kevin McHale's 56-point game in 1985, when Bird kept feeding McHale on the low post because Benson couldn't handle him. The lesson, as always: Don't mess with Larry Bird."

In addition, there was the contempt shown by Isiah Thomas and Dennis Rodman for Bird.

"The controversy began when Dennis Rodman, a Piston rookie, said in the locker room that Bird was ''very overrated'' and that he had won three straight most valuable player awards only ''because he was white.'' Moments later, Thomas, told of Rodman's remarks, said he ''had to agree with'' him. ''Larry Bird is a very, very good basketball player,'' he said. ''But if he was black he'd be just another guy.''

Of course Thomas later said the remark was out of context, however, Bird did fire him as the Pacers coach.

Gussie Fink-Nottle said...

I was waiting for Kimbo to get his ass beat from the moment he appeared on the scene. I don't even follow MMA really and I was still inundated with hype for that shaved-ape.

Right. I just take issue with blaming it on meds, Jews, nerds, and middle-aged men, based on a few anecdotes.

In truth, all white sports fans are pretty bad from my perspective. But the extreme negrophiliacs are almost always Jews. I've known Jews in prep school and college whose obsession with black male athletes bordered on faggotry, as n/a noted about Sailer in another post. I've seen no evidence that this phenomenon extends to Meds.

Dasein said...

Petruzelli didn't look all that pudgy in his fight against Kimbo, though he certainly did in his fight against Bob Sapp (whom he would probably have beaten, had he not dislocated his shoulder). Sapp is another very gorilla-like negro who's not nearly as good in MMA as appearances might suggest.

n/a, do you know of any anatomical or physiological data pertinent to the relative athletic ability of South Asians? Looking through the all-time Olympic medal counts, the tallies for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are pitiful (Bangladesh has never won a medal). Many of the South Asians I've met had a strange gait, and sort of looked like they were walking on stilts.

n/a said...


You're right, pudgy is probably not the best description. Perhaps I should have simply said "not ripped" and fighting above his natural weight class. The main point I was making is that guywhite would not consider Petruzelli's physique impressive. There's a misconception among Guy White types that being extremely lean means someone is very strong, but of course in reality the trained athlete who gets leaner will almost always lose strength (although he'll probably increase his relative strength). Nor does being extremely lean mean someone has better cardio. Nor, obviously, does it mean they know how to fight.

Anonymous said...

A case to demonstrate the point of physique misrepresentation is Vasily Alexeyev. He also claimed a weightlifter needs abs “so strong that they can stop a bullet, but don’t print that. Somebody might try.”

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. You are telling me that since a white guy landed an appropriate punch to a black man that there is no correlation with blacks being better athletes than whites?? Give me a break. Your example is not only a huge exception to the norm but I would be willing to bet Kimbo wins most fights.

Bottom line is that biology doesn't lie.

Anonymous said...

Kimbo is considered a shit fighter in MMA by pretty much everyone. He's only beaten cans, all he can do is street brawl, and he's not even good at that.

Some white man said...

Bottom line is that biology doesn't lie.

Exactly. Which is why biology can demonstrably prove the superiority of whites. Even if, for the sake of argument, we accept your fawning over blacks as "da gr8test affleets" as truth. Which it isn't, there are many sports in which blacks are severely underrepresented and there is no solid evidence that the average black is more athletic than the average white.

What biological traits do whites have that make them superior in a world-historical sense though? (Sports mean dick from that perspective and many of the sports blacks excel in were invented by whites anyway.) Whites are much smarter, and the most creative race in the world when it comes to creating technology. By comparison, blacks never evolved past a primitive stage.

Also whites are the best at war. No other group even comes close (well, the Japs are pretty ferocious, or were). Hence their military dominance over nearly the entire world at one point. By comparison blacks never evolved beyond primitive tribal warfare and were never able to defeat whites on the battlefield ever, even in their own countries with large majorities (see South Africa, Rhodesia, etc).

Awsfra said...

These idiots fawn over black physiques, not realizing it's simply lower subcutaneous fat, not necessarily more muscle than whites. Less fat because ... well, look at the climate(s) in sub-Saharan Africa. And the lack of technology on any level. Testing has shown blacks to generally be a bit faster on average, while whites of equal size to be much stronger on average, especially in the upper body.

Anonymous said...

" I personally think the best defensively player in the history of the league is also White, a block and steal machine named Andre Kirilenko."

Fail. Major, major, major fail.

Kirilenko has a career Defensive Rating of 101. That's decent. It isn't even remotely close to any of the all-time great defensive players. Kirilenko presently ranks 90th all time in DRtg. The top 10 all time in DRtg (guys at 96.5 career and under) is comprised primarily of PF and C black guys. Yeah, is it really a big surprise Tim Duncan is a better defender than Kirilenko given all the rings he's won? That said, you'll be happy to know #5 is Dave Cowens, #8 is Bill Walton and #11 (our honorable mention) is Sabonis.

Now, in all fairness, we never saw Sabonis in his prime in the NBA. And yet, Sabonis had a career DRtg 1 point higher (higher being worse in DRtg) than David Robinson (#6 all time). We know from the Olympics that a young Sabonis was an athletic match for Robinson. So I think it is fair to speculate that had Sabonis spent his best years in the NBA, he probably would have been in the top 3 all time in DRtg (among other things). Then again, if Robinson had gotten into the NBA a little earlier he probably would have been right up there with his future teammate Duncan.

Kirilenko, however, doesn't belong anywhere in this discussion. He had one great season for block % (8.5%), but even that wasn't historically spectacular and his steal % isn't among the all time greats either. Other white guys who are better defenders than Kirilenko: Manu Ginobili, Havelicek, Bobby Jones, Rick Barry, Jack Sikma, and yes, Larry Bird. Guys with worse career defensive ratings than Kirilenko: Michael Jordan and Lebron James.

Manu, btw, is 4th among active NBA players in DRtg. Manu's talent has long been under appreciated, but that's another story.

Now I can't find stop % stats at the moment. Maybe Kirilenko ranks high there. Possible, but unlikely. The guy is injury prone and overpaid and often finds himself in Sloan's doghouse. And he hasn't made the all-defensive team for 3-going-on-4 seasons now. The effort isn't there--though no one doubts he has the wingspan and athleticism.

So if you're looking for the great white defender, it is clearly Manu Ginobili at present, and Sabonis/Walton probably would have been it if not for their unfortunate circumstances. I mean that Bird posted better defensive numbers in a more fast paced era and with not nearly the wingspan or vertical of Kirilenko should tell you that he doesn't merit such praise.

Oh yeah, and Kimbo sucks.

Anonymous said...

EliteXC was corrupt and pure hype, and folded after being exposed. Good riddance.

I cut Dana some slack because TUF is a reality show and does engage in some drama and hype because of it, however all the fights are fair and people get to show their true abilities.

Dana said Kimbo would never fight for the UFC without going through TUF first to prove himself.

What I like about MMA is it's more dynamic and demanding on the fighters. Strategy, quick thinking, and heart come into play more than boxing and other sports. It's not as heavily reliant on thick skulls, fast twitch muscles and repetitive movements.

It's funny because even a genuinely talented negro like Anderson Silva still acts like a clowning fool and ruins matches.

Anonymous said...

Ex-NFL'er Matt Mitrone puts an end to Kimbo Slice's UFC career


On Saturday night, the Ultimate Fighting Championship hosted UFC 113 in Montreal, and one of the attractions on the card was Kimbo Slice. Kimbo, as you're probably aware, is the guy who has parlayed his backyard/YouTube fight exploits into an actual MMA career.

That career will be going backwards now, as Kimbo was soundly defeated by Matt Mitrione -- one of ours! Mitrione made second team All-Big Ten as a defensive end at Purdue (despite having Lucille Austero's haircut), and the New York Giants signed him as an undrafted free agent.

With the Giants, he played in nine games and recorded 2 tackles and 2 assists. A foot injury sidelined him for a bit, and two years later, he made the roster with the Vikings. He never actually got on the field there, though.

So he made mixed martial arts his next career choice, and there he was last night on pay-per-view, beating up Kimbo Slice.

The beating was so thorough, in fact, that it convinced UFC president Dana White to cut Kimbo from the roster entirely. After two fights, Kimbo is gone from the UFC, and Matt Mitrione is left standing with some newfound respect from the fight community.

Now, beating Kimbo Slice isn't going to win anyone any fighter of the year awards, but Mitrione showed that he had improved immensely in a short period of time. At the very least, he's now a legitimate prospect. He'll get more chances to fight, more chances to improve and an opportunity to stick with the UFC.,239777

Anonymous said...

Mitrione is a little nutty, but funny. He looks like he has potential, not championship but certainly above average.

He might be a good match for Frank Mir.

Kimbo was never meant to be a serious fighter, he was merely used to boost the ratings for TUF.

Anonymous said...

icey mike imber made me audition with him without protection, and the latest aids victim worked for him, i am scared to death and wonder what the hell i was thinking and wonder why he interviews girls without protection.I had just turned 18 and was brought to him by another girl that recruited me.i feel like a totally waste.

Anonymous said...

n/a, do you know of any anatomical or physiological data pertinent to the relative athletic ability of South Asians? Looking through the all-time Olympic medal counts, the tallies for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are pitiful (Bangladesh has never won a medal).

In India the major sport is Cricket followed a long way back by Field Hockey. Pakistan's big sports are Cricket, Squash and Field Hockey. Bangladesh I am not sure about but Cricket would be really big there.