Anthroeurope: a humble anthropological study of Europe

A potentially useful website dealing with European phenotypic variation. Here's the author's introduction.


Anonymous said...

Interesting site. But I have no way of knowing if the author of it knows what he is talking about.

n/a said...

I'm not that interested in his analysis, myself. But the collections of photographs of ostensible natives of various parts of Europe should be useful, as long as the selection method is relatively free of bias. I do get the faint impression the author went out of his way to select ugly Brits, in some cases.

Silver said...

The author was very well regarded on "Anthroforum" (and is on its successor,

n/a I don't know if you've viewed all the selections, but if you have, what proportion of Frenchies would you say pass nordish muster? (I'm interested in your racial opinion, not the answer you think is most politically feasible or expedient.)

(Note for casual browsers of this blog, the above question coming from my lips is far from equivalent to enquiry about racial "quality" -- though I certainly can't speak for others' opinions.)