"Thousands" of genes influence intelligence

A commenter writes: "Robert Plomin and colleagues have apparently found some IQ genes". From the story:
SCIENTISTS have identified more than 200 genes potentially associated with academic performance in schoolchildren. [. . .]

The finding emerged from a study of more than 4000 British children to pinpoint the genes and genetic combinations that influence reasoning skills and general intelligence.

One of its main conclusions is that intelligence is controlled by a network of thousands of genes with each making just a small contribution to overall intelligence, rather than the handful of powerful genes that scientists once predicted.
So much for the fantasies of certain technorapturist HBDers that genetic engineering will erase racial differences in intelligence within a few decades.


coldequation said...

I don't believe the technorapturist story either, but I don't see that this is a dealbreaker. Finding thousands of genes and altering them in gametes is technically more difficult than changing (or selecting) a few genes, but not insurmountably so.

I expect it not to happen because babies are generally made by fucking, not in laboratories, and there's no reason to believe that will change for most people even if designer babies become available.

Anonymous said...

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