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Unpublished 1947 photos of the Lascaux cave paintings (via hbdchick)

German woman gets to thank Portland woman in person for post-WWII CARE packages

Genetic contribution to variation in body configuration in Belgian nuclear families: a closer look at body lengths and circumferences

1000 Genomes Project: Y Chromosome SNPs (pdf)

Extended Y-chromosome investigation suggests post-Glacial migrations of modern humans into East Asia via the northern route ("evidence of geographic distribution and Y-STR diversity indicate that haplogroup Q-M242 (the ancestral haplogroup of the native American-specific haplogroup Q1a3a-M3) and R-M207 probably migrated into East Asia via the northern route")

Genetic Differences between Five European Populations ("several genes have not previously been reported as stratified within European populations, indicating that they might also have provided selective advantages: [including] most intriguingly, FOXP2, implicated in speech development.")

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Anonymous said...

Genetic Differences between Five European Populations

Speaking of differences, the contrast between Dienekes' website background and his modern Greek composite picture at the bottom is amusing.

He also erroneously claimed that composite picture is similar to the average White American. Maybe in Little Armenia.