New(ish) blogs

Ahnenkult. According to the about page:
This blog is concerned with history, both human and natural, and race in its various senses. [] Ortu Kan is an Asiatic in the second decade of his life, temporarily in the West but not of it. His people’s language is Altaic (sensu Miller 1971).
Posts include: 'Were there Negritos on Taiwan?', 'Ushtettas as Tunisian "Australoids"', 'Cave-Dwelling Click Speakers in 16th-Century Mozambique'

The Anthroconservative Beacon. "A Daily Blog Dedicated to Upholding Conservative Principles Based on a Scientific Understanding of Human Nature" by "an Associate Professor in the State University of New York system."

HBD Talk. "Political Views from a Secular Humanist Perspective". Some have suggested this is Richard Hoste's new blog. I couldn't say. I skipped all the posts except the one on African blood in Arabs [Update: The person behind HBD Talk says he is not Hoste].


Anonymous said...

I wonder if "The Anthroconservative Beacon" is Ian Jobling's new blog. He received his PhD from SUNY.

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Anonymous said...

[Update: The person behind HBD Talk says he is not Hoste].

Yeah right. It's quite obviously Hoste.

Anonymous said...

Hoste is pro-Arab. He may be an Arab.
He is not gonna blog about Arabs' African admixture.

Anonymous said...

He does state that some Arab populations probably have little to no African admixture.