Human-Neanderthal interbreeding

News outlets are reporting on Svante Paabo's comment that he believes modern humans and Neanderthals "had sex". I'm not sure why it's suddently news: the comment was made in an interview six months ago, and Paabo merely said:
“I’m sure that they had sex, but did it give offspring that contributed to us? We will be able to answer quite rigorously with the new [Neanderthal genome] sequence.”
The only new information seems to be that Paabo will publish his analysis of the Neanderthal genome "shortly".


Anonymous said...

Jews, especially the Ashkenazi, are the remnant population resulting from the breeding of Neanderthals and modern humans.

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Michael Bradley, is that you?

Tanstaafl said...

This part made me chuckle:

In March 2000, the Never Again Coalition of mostly non-white students at Canada’s Carleton University in Ottawa asked me to give a talk during “Anti-Racism Week” about the use of anti-racist rhetoric to cloak racist behavior.

Bradley, who claims there's "a higher level of aggression in Caucasians compared to other races (“major genetic groups”) of humanity", i.e. the "racist" view that Whites are genetically predisposed to "racism", views himself as an ardent anti-racist and gives lectures that non-Whites gobble up with glee about this claim and how some other people (wink wink) use anti-racist rhetoric to cloak their racist behavior.

Bradley's own neaderthal and sephardic admixture no doubt helps explain this odd behavior.

Tanstaafl said...
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Tanstaafl said...

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What do you think about Bradley's conclusion:

Indeed, both the Ashkenazi “Jews” and most Arab-Islamic fundamentalist fanatics originated from the very same Neanderthal- Caucasoid genetic stock. That’s what makes the current Middle East confrontation so ironic and frightening. Two very similar groups, only supposedly “separated” by similar “religions”, are engaged in a genetic struggle for eternal identity. This is a biological confrontation, or a “psychobiological” one. The adversaries are incapable of recognizing each other as being human for biological reasons that are explained in The Iceman Inheritance.

I'm aware of DNA evidence that askenazim are genetically distinct from other Europeans (for example, "SNPs don't lie"). Is there any genetic evidence that ashkenazim are more closely related, or share "Neanderthal- Caucasoid genetic stock" with "most Arab-Islamic fundamentalist fanatics"?

Bradley is dismissive of Svaante Paabo and says the latest edition of his book covers "recent DNA so-called “research” by politically motivated and predominantly Jewish scientists".

n/a said...


Bradley's theory and some of the reaction to it provides some amusement, but that's about all.

Is there any genetic evidence that ashkenazim are more closely related, or share "Neanderthal- Caucasoid genetic stock" with "most Arab-Islamic fundamentalist fanatics"?

No to the second part -- Ashkenazim certainly show some Middle Eastern genetic affinities (but not Neanderthal, as far as anyone has demonstrated).

Statements like this suggest a disconnection from reality: It can be accurately and truthfully said that all of the recent “no-Neanderthal” DNA studies were concocted specifically to challenge The Iceman Inheritance.

Based on the time period under discussion, Bradley's references to Paabo relate to work on mitochondrial DNA only. Paabo is now sequencing the entire Neanderthal genome, which ought to provide stronger evidence for or against mixing of Neanderthals and modern humans.