Guy White's brilliant reasoning

A commenter has drawn my attention to this hilarious attack on me the world's dumbest internet lawyer. White's comments don't warrant a response, but this episode is too funny to ignore.

Recap below the break:

Guy White writes:
Now let’s try it with testosterone.

- Men have more testosterone than women, and commit more crime.
- Young people have more testosterone than old people, and commit more crime.
- Whites have more testosterone than Asians, and commit more crime.
- Blacks have more testosterone than whites, and commit more crime.

Nope, no trend there.
A commenter links to my blog. Guy white replies:
Testosterone aromatizes into estrogen, especially with age, so it’s possible that blacks have slightly higher estrogen level than white. But the point is that they have 19% more testosterone and 21% more free testosterone (T that you actually use). They also have more T receptors.

If you don’t believe me or scientific studies, look at the bodies of white and black men.

Even when whites are built, they have one lump of muscle. Blacks have definition that whites never achieve.
Guy White is then inspired to make separate blog post:
Testosterone and my lying eyes

October 21, 2009 by guywhite

This is in reference to a comment citing that racehist blog claims blacks have lower testosterone than whites.

I don’t read the racehistory blog because it’s pseudo-scientific garbage. That blogger isn’t interested in facts and reason, only in white supremacy. Studies are picked to prove what he wants to prove. The blogger starts with a conclusion and then searches for a way to back it up. When opposing views come along, they don’t appear on his blog.

When I cite stuff, I like to cite peer reviewed scientic publications, government websites, or at worst encyclopedia. I don’t get my info from bloggers who have an axe to grind.

Furthermore, blogs like racehistory make people so skeptical about HBD and race realism.

Testosterone, like almost anything else, drops due to poor nutrition. Obviously is someone is starving, their T levels will drop.

Plus, I wasn’t talking about Africans, but rather African-Americans. They are the descendants of those who survived the transfer from Africa to America in horrible conditions and then a hundred or two hundred years as slaves in Dixie heat.

Next time you are in Alabama in the summer, try walking for 20 minutes, much less picking cotton all day.

Those who survived were physically the strongest. T helps you build muscle and therefore survive.

Blacks with highest T had the best chances of survival.

If you research the effects, both positive and negative, of testosterone, you will have no doubt that blacks have higher T.

The only way you could claim that they do not is if you are ignorant, blind or blinded by your bias.

T is another case where I am told not to believe my own eyes.


Svigor said...

Next time you are in Alabama in the summer, try walking for 20 minutes, much less picking cotton all day.

Let me fix that for him:

If you're a pussy like me, next time you are in Alabama in the summer, try walking for 20 minutes, much less picking cotton all day.

I worked for three years as a landscaper (only a few widespread jobs more taxing that I can think of, e.g., certain construction jobs) in the SC heat. News flash for pussies; you get over it (yeah, at first I thought I was going to croak, but I got over it).

Funny, I saw way more whites and mestizos doing that job than blacks. Picking cotton was unpleasant, and slaves have no say, which was their primary and overriding job qualification. Sure, blacks are more suited in some ways to hot climates, but work ethic, drive and yes, VIGOR aren't among them. I've seen too many tropics-adapted blacks loaf around in the sweltering heat while whites (myself included, and I don't consider myself a particularly suited white; I'm blond and slightly pink-skinned and I sweat up a storm) worked circles around them to believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

All those US Army and USMC troops who fought for several years in New Guinea and the Pacific Islands were white. A lot more physically taxing than picking cotton in Alabama.

Mark said...

I know the Southern heat very well. The key is to stay hydrated.

I've seen blacks pass out from the heat so they are not immune.

The biggest threat to whites is skin cancer.