More on Tishkoff et al.

Regarding the recently published African genetic structure paper.

(1) The following bit of asininity from Afro-Jew Roy King made it into a news story:
The "landmark study" should erase any vestiges of colonial-era thinking that Africa is one unit, said Roy King, a Stanford University associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

"No longer can we see Africa as just this homogeneous population," said King, who has studied African migration patterns but was not part of the new paper.
Wait, weren't we supposed to be blaming evil colonialist whiteys for creating "racialist" theories which made distinctions among Africans?

The truth, of course, is that the theories and classifications of early European physical anthropologists are remarkably consistent with the latest genetic data.

People like King also have European colonialists to thank for initiating the study and categorization of African languages.

(2) This comment from "argiedude" (posting as "wolcupitol") is worth reading. The "greater genetic diversity" of Africans is well-established, but the number of clusters reported in this study for Africa vs. the rest of the world is not evidence of such -- the number of clusters is somewhat arbitrary and influenced by sample selection.

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