Ancestry of Madison Grant and others

I've compiled some genealogical data on Madison Grant, Carleton Coon, Carleton Putnam, and Charles Davenport.

It's well known that Coon and Putnam are cousins, but they're more distantly related than I had believed. Putnam actually appears to share a more recent common ancestor with Madison Grant (Grant and Putnam being sixth cousins via John Baldwin (1640-1702) and Putnam being Coon's 8th cousin once removed via John Putnam (1579-1662), though Coon and Putnam are also related through John Carleton (1637-1667)). I happened to notice Coon is also related to T.S. Eliot and John Archibald Wheeler -- assuming my sources are correct.

This database is not meant to be authoritative. The first few generations should be reasonably accurate. Beyond that I've generally relied on data others have entered at sites like WorldConnect, which I haven't verified (though none of it jumped out as implausible).

Sources: (Census population schedules, passport applications, and so on),, various digitized newspapers, Google, Google Books, etc. Since -- compiling this information primarily for my own amusement -- I was more interested in speed than authoritativeness, I haven't included source citations; but almost every source I used is accessible over the internet. (One exception: Coon's autobiography, Adventures and Discoveries.)


Vanishing American said...

Thank you for posting this; it's of personal interest to me because (as I mentioned before) it's partially my ancestry too. I knew of my connection to Carleton Putnam but was not sure of the link to Coon, but this information clarifies my connection to him somewhat.

I was disappointed to find no connection to Madison Grant in my family tree. Oh well.

The link to the Wheeler interview is interesting also.

Genealogy is a fascinating pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever done a study of the descendants of these men? I don't believe Madison Grant ever married or had children, but i believe he had a brother that did.