Auster faggotry

[Edit: removed "Mangan" from title. Mangan says he would have posted the comment had it been worded differently, which I can respect.]

Dennis Mangan failed to post the following reply to a comment from Lawrence Auster in this thread. For further background, see here, here, and here. Haley Koch photos here.

"Ironically, at my site today, we've been discussing a white woman with an at least partially erotic fixation on Africa, British TV anthropologist Alice Roberts (see this and this), and here you've been talking about another woman with an at least partially erotic fixation on Africa."

"Ironically", it seems all that's been demonstrated is your own and a disturbing number of your commenters's "partially erotic fixation on Africa".

I happen to have seen the BBC program (a complete waste of time, incidentally). Alice Roberts evinced zero attraction to any African -- though she did seem quite taken with a (muscular/tattooed) white American scientist.

Looking at the Haley Koch photos, I similarly see no evidence the girl is attracted to black men. She seems to be traveling with a (white) boyfriend. If she had any desire to fuck congoids, she wouldn't need to go to Africa to do so (likewise for Alice Roberts -- am lulzing at the dude who divined Roberts' strong desire for Bushman cock from that youtube clip).


Mind you, I find the politics these two promote repulsive and I agree a healthy society would generally keep women on shorter leashes. A certain degree of paranoia is probably healthy, but the pathological need to attribute these women's actions to an "erotic fixation on Africa" rests on a fundamentally flawed understanding of the world. More plausibly, these two view Africans as children and/or tokens in a status game.


Anonymous said...

There are worlds of difference between the hermetic autism of a feeble and diffident german in his books and a noble organizer of men and making like a Napoleon or Caesar. Worlds.

Please keep your dewy spectacled dreams to yourself and your little forest hut of a blog.

silver said...

Mangan's failed to post much milder than that. In response to a comment of mine that everything has a racial angle and that the man who fails to realize this will have a lesser grasp of reality than the man who does Mangan came back with the predictable tripe about apparent exceptions like "astronomy" (as though I'd be dumb enough to leave myself so wide open). A reply of mine along the lines of astronomy not exactly having had its start near the Zambezi wasn't posted.

That's why I call him a gutless peripheralist. He wants to talk about race by talking about anything but race. I, on the other hand, prefer to talk about everything by talking about race. (Which may not be apparent on the blog as yet, but I'll get there.)

Anonymous said...

are you replying to me--anonymous?

Anonymous said...

If you have a moment possibly you could explain Coon's theory of racial origin.


Desmond Jones

sg said...

"I find the politics these two promote repulsive and I agree a healthy society would generally keep women on shorter leashes."

At the very least women and people of all races should have to meet the same (very high) standards to be taken seriously. That naturally and by virtue, would mean many of them would not have a platform, which would be a relief to listeners and benefit to society.

Anonymous said...

More Auster faggotry. Auster says the elite considers Italian-Americans to be the "least PC white ethnic group there is" because Italian-Americans have an open ethnic identity that is "prominent in the national consciousness."

Apparently he lives in a cocoon and never hears the bleating about how the evil WASPs oppressed Eyeties, Jews, and Irish. Racial identity is acceptable and encouraged for blacks but is verboten for whites, and Auster correctly understands that whites are the ones who are despised by the elite. Ethnic identity is acceptable and encouraged for Italian-Americans but is verboten for founding Americans, and Auster ridiculously thinks Italian-Americans are the ones who are despised!