Hilarious satire of Colin Laney / wintermute

Very funny take-off of CL/WM's tendency to come up with convoluted arguments in support of his view that Anglo-Saxon=bad and continental European=good.
Colin Laney said...

In philosophy, "realism" just means you are arguing that something is real.

Actually, no.

In philosophy, "realism" argues for the reality of groups, categories , Forms, categories, and archetypes. It is diametrically, and sometimes militarily, opposed to "nominalism", basically the position that the above named entities are so "in name only". Nominal from the Latin nomine, name.

Everyone in the HBD sphere, and many other right-allied areas of the web, is arguing realism v. nominalism literally every day, making hash of it, and usually crippling themselves in debates because Anglo-American thought - not just philosophy but the every day thinking of ordinary people - is almost wholly empirical/nominalistic, a part of the cultural fallout of the English Civil War. Nothing is untouched by it.

That race and nation cannot exist except "in name only" is a perfect example. There is no France, it has no real or causal existance and is composed only of fungible human beings - this is perfect nominalism. Nothing but empirical, individual things exist. All "abstraction" - Frenchmen, Europeans, even mathematical entities are unreal to the Nominalist.

Most rightists, unknowingly are Realists, but in Anglo-American circles are twice crippled. Firstly, by not understanding this line of analysis and secondly, by being consequently unaware that English and American culture are almost psychopathically Nominalistic (every nonempirical and nonphysical existent is a heuristic abstraction at best and nonsense at worst) in every department of thought - and even in character! From the shrieking nation-wrecker/ immigration advocate angrily denouncing "stupid lines on a map" to the hippie couple saying that marriage is "just a piece of paper", rightists are always on the defensive because at the philosophical level, the rightness of our enemies' complaints have been broadly affirmed at the highest theological levels and disseminated to the culture at large.

The reason that the defense of every cause or idea dear to us is like walking uphill both ways to school is because almost all of them are against our religion. I know, I know - all of you think that you're atheists or Catholics or whatever, but that's not true. We're all Anglo-Saxon Low Church under the skin, and if our minds are sopisticated enough to recognize the reality of the universal "race", our Taliban hearts know that to acknowledge one Universal is, in principle, to. restore Popery in all its Satanic glory, and behind the Satanic majesty of the Church, the demonic teachings of Plato and others of the pagan brood. And the thing is, our inner Low Church Protestant is perfectly correct.

You see, the Anglo-Saxon empiricist tradition that produced Charles Darwin keeps us muddleheaded and confused about race, while if we would only embrace the platonism of someone like Leo Strauss, or perhaps continental philosophy in general, all would be made clear and conservatism would reign.


Anonymous said...

A more accurate characterization of his monomania would be to say that he sees the dichotomy as Anglo-Saxon = Jewish and continental European = Aryan, and that the linchpin of this identification is the alliance of the former with Jewry and the Soviets in WWII, undeniably the immediate foundations of our present plight.

Kenneth Lloyd Anderson said...

The realists are partly right, but the nominalists are more right. Some things which the realists say are real are real, but not all things the realists say are real are real.

The nominalists are right to define many things that the realist's say are real as names or definitions or symbols only, and I expand this to include most of the definitions of God of the great religions.

Godhood in the theological materialism of the Evolutionary Christian Church (ECC) is a material-super-material reality arrived at by way of natural evolution, first activated by the Spirit-Will, and than shaped in variable directions by evolution.

The traditional God or Father Within of Christianity, and the great religions, is saved and retained when understood as the God first seen inwardly. Two root metaphors in the ECC are the Twofold Path and our evolution to Godhood. Another is the Great Spiritual Blockade put up against evolving to real Godhood. However, these are real happenings in a very rational metaphysics and not really metaphors.

This metaphysics can rescue Christianity and the great religions from sinking into oblivion under the onslaught of science and modern philosophy. This is a metaphysics which can offer hope to mankind now and in the far future as we evolve out into the cosmos toward Godhood, if we can save life on earth first.


Anonymous said...

Is "Colin Laney"/"wintermute" the same person as "Hesper" who comments in this thread:


There's a similar style, similar Anglo-Saxon bashing, and both handles have resurfaced around the same time after a long absence.

n/a said...

No. As I understand it, CL/WM is a half-Italian from Texas and Hesper is a German-identified Catholic from Australia. What they share is minority identification.

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Unknown said...

It's interesting how you are not capable of demonstrating how Mr. Laney is wrong, and instead are reduced to issuing a few snarky straw-men at the end, which in themselves show you fall woefully short of even understanding what Mr. Laney is talking about.

You are too short for this ride.