Paul Gottfried still hates "patrician WASPs" (while having trouble identifying them)

Gottfried in VDARE:

Since The New Republic victimologist has had a go at America’s founding population, allow me, as a member of an outside group, to take my own shot.

Of course I am critical of WASPs, but for a reason diametrically opposed to Massey’s: namely for being such wimps and for permitting themselves to be vilified without protest. Needless to say, American Jews or American blacks (taking two two self-conscious ethnicities) would never allow themselves to be freely pummeled the way Massey goes after WASPs. They would be denouncing their slanderers through well-heeled organizations, with Main Stream Media support. [. . .]

Certainly at the elite level, white Protestants behave differently from normal people. Like Elizabeth Warren, the descendant of New England settlers, WASP patricians may pretend their true ancestors were American Indians

Elizabeth Warren was born Oklahoma, the daughter of a janitor. Her ancestors were predominantly Southern. She has no New England ancestry that I was able to identify.
Recently I was reading about some WASPy protestors in thirteen states, mostly in the South, who were burning Confederate flags to celebrate Memorial Day.[ Memorial Day Confederate Flag Burning: Small Groups Gather In 13 States To Symbolically Bury The Dixie Flag,By Angelo Young,, May 25, 2015] These activists were demonstrating their revulsion for the racism of their region and presumably of their own despised ancestors.
The organizer and the bulk of the "artists" participating in this non-event are black. Gottfried sees an opportunity to trash "WASPy" people. The white participant prominently pictured in one of the news articles was, according to Wikipedia, "born on a farm in Kentucky". He's neither particularly elite nor remotely ideologically representative of founding stock Americans.
Back in 2001, I suggested on that America’s problem, to a considerable extent, is “decaying Protestantism.” From all appearances, Alana Massey is part of that problem.
While Gottfried could not be bothered to take a few seconds to check, it appears Massey, the blogger of the TNR clickbait that's serving as Gottfried's immediate pretext for attacking "WASPs", was in fact raised Protestant. But based on comments she's made, she may have Irish ancestry with which she identifies, and her personal blog features a post entitled "I Want To Talk and Write Like A Mid 20th Century Catholic With an Attitude". And there's of course nothing specifically Protestant about SJW content factories, the employees of which tend to be extremely disproportionately Jewish (and I suspect disproportionately Catholic relative to Protestant).

For people like JayMan ("SWPLs are literal Puritans") and the knowing NRX dorks who are able to confidently inform us it's snobbish, Yankee-stock Unitarians driving leftist discourse in America, Alana Massey, resident of Brooklyn, who has been featured in such fine publications as Buzzfeed and xoJane, grew up in San Diego. Her father, a naval commander, was born in Tennessee. Her mother, a public school teacher, "grew up in a small town in Arkansas". The ranks of aspirational urban leftists are populated by dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of Alana Masseys for every upper class Puritan descendant.

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Anonymous said...

heartiste had something about her

Anonymous said...

Gottfried thinks and writes that the American Civil War was caused by a dispute over tariffs. I don't understand why he gets mileage.

Steve Sailer said...

How would you map the four main services to Fischer's Albion's Seed categories?

I'd guess:

Marines: Scots-Irish
Army: Lowland Southerners
Air Force: Midlanders
Navy: Puritans

But I could be totally wrong about this.

Conatus said...

I like Gottfried and his take on the WASPs. Although I do think he constantly trying to parry the Jews-brought-down-the-WASPs idea by noting the WASPs allowed it to happen. He at least will talk about the WASPs. Generally it seems most apolitical people still think WASPs somehow wield considerable power.
I never understood why this book was not reviewed, or noticed?
Could it be "the Fall' part is best kept in the shadows so we still have the oft-caricatured WASP snot to mock?

The real reason the WASPs fell from power is they were too successful. I like Gottfried's story about Woodrow Wilson and his fellow Anglo ethnics(imagine that!) ganging up on the German-American ethnics to bring the US into WW1 on the side of the Brits.So what should have been a German victory thus allowing the teenager, Germany, their time in the sun on the continent, turned into a second suicidal YT civil war, thus demoralizing YT civilization forever.
And the demoralized WASPs have been nodding their heads in agreement,"Yes, you are so right, we are bad, bad bad," ever since.

n/a said...


I think any trends along those lines would be very subdued.

None of these four "folkways" are intact today. The Scotch-Irish were always a minority, pretty much everywhere (Fischer lumped them together with Scots and northern English, and I believe his "Borderer" group still represented a minority or bare majority even in most of Appalachia 200 years ago). Today there will be extremely few people who overwhelming descend from the Scotch-Irish (though there are of course plenty of people with fractional Scotch-Irish ancestry who read about Albion's Seed and decide to play Scotch-Irish on the internet).

Likewise, there are few people left of overwhelmingly New England Puritan ancestry (particularly in the generation currently serving in the military).

Enlisted representation ratios for 2007, by state:

There are over- and under-represented states in most regions.

Here is "The Iraq Death Toll, State By State" as of 2007:

According to them: "It is not surprising that the more rural states are the ones with the highest death rates."

New England states (along with mostly other northern and midwestern states) fall at both the top and bottom of the list.

Here's a list of Iraq deaths that includes branch of service and home state, if someone wants to take a look at it:

Anonymous said...

Good comments: