Population genetics talks

Some videos from a "Computation-Intensive Probabilistic and Statistical Methods for Large-Scale Population Genomics" workshop that happened over the past few days.

The most broadly accessible talk is probably that of Nick Eriksson from 23andme (Crowd-sourcing Genetic Discovery).

Also potentially of interest:

Calculation of Joint Allelic Spectra
Nick Patterson, Broad Institute

Genetic Variation in Gene Regulation
Jonathan Pritchard, Stanford University

Mutation Rates and Generation Times in Humans
Molly Przeworski, Columbia University

Coalescent Approaches to Selective Sweeps
Graham Coop, UC Davis

Natural Selection in a Spatial Continuum
Alison Etheridge, University of Oxford

Any Way You Want It: Applications of Whole Genome Capture to Ancient DNA, Metagenomics, and Orthogonal Validation
Carlos Bustamante, Stanford University

Population Genetics of the Neanderthal Genome Project
Montgomery Slatkin, UC Berkeley

Analysis of Haplotype Sharing and Recent Demographic History with Examples from the Netherlands
Itsik Pe'er, Columbia University

Probabilistic Models for Spatial Geographic Localization
Eran Halperin, Tel Aviv University

Quantifying the Extent of Geographic Signature in the Human Genome
Lior Pachter, UC Berkeley

Robust Demographic Inference from Genomic and SNP Data
Laurent Excoffier, University of Bern

A Population Reference Graph for Human Genetic Variation [video supposed to be available next week]
Gil McVean, University of Oxford

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