Ethnic origins of leadership of large foundations

The Ford Foundation is currently the second largest U.S. foundation by asset size (after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). The Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Corporation come in at number 15 and number 20, respectively, but I expect both still rank more highly than that in name recognition and influence.

Here's how the ethnic origins of their boards of trustees break down.

Ford Foundation: I count 3 blacks, 1 East Asian, 1 South Asian, 1 Middle Easterner, 1 mestizo, 1 Jew, 1 Hungarian, 3 Southern whites, and an Englishman. I count zero Yankees/Puritans.

Rockefeller Foundation: 5 blacks, 1 Asian, 1 Mexican, 2 Jews, 1 Irish Catholic, 1 German, and 1 98-year-old with significant New England ancestry.

Carnegie Corporation: 2 blacks, 6 Jews, 2 Armenians, 2 Iberians, 2 Italians, 2 Irish, 1 Irish/Italian, 1 Southerner, and one person of mixed colonial ancestry including a minor New England component.

Full lists of names below:

Ford Foundation Board of Trustees
Irene Hirano Inouye - Chair of the Board - Japanese
Darren Walker - President - "a gay black man who grew up in a small town in Texas"
Kofi Appenteng - black
Tim Berners-Lee - English
Afsaneh M. Beschloss - Iranian married to a Jew
Martin Eakes - "grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina"
Juliet V. García - Mexican
J. Clifford Hudson - Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Sonic Corp. - Oklahoma City, Okla. - born in Texas
Robert S. Kaplan - Professor, Management Practice Harvard Business School - Jew
Thurgood Marshall Jr. - black
N.R. Narayana Murthy - Chairman Emeritus - Infosys Limited - Bangalore, India - Indian
Peter A. Nadosy - Hungarian name
Cecile Richards - president of Planned Parenthood - daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards

Rockefeller Foundation Board of Trustees
David Rockefeller, Jr. - Board Chair - born in New York; part-German, part-New England ancestry
Judith Rodin - President - Jewish
Ann M. Fudge - black
Helene D. Gayle - black
Alice S. Huang - Chinese
Martin L. Leibowitz - Jewish
Monica Lozano - Mexican
Strive Masiyiwa - black
Diana Natalicio - "Born Diana Siedhoff into a blue-collar family in St. Louis—“Natalicio” is the surname of her ex-husband" - presumably German ancestry
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala - black
Richard D. Parsons - black
John W. Rowe, MD - "An Irish Catholic, Rowe attended Jesuit-based Canisius College, located in Buffalo."

Carnegie Corporation Board of Trustees
Thomas H. Kean - Chair - some New England ancestry, but also some Southern ancestry and more mid-Atlantic (New Jersey and New York, including Dutch and Scottish) ancestry
Kurt L. Schmoke - Vice Chair - black
Vartan Gregorian - President - Armenian
Richard I. Beattie - Irish or Scottish name; connections to Catholic Charities and the Jewish Theological Seminary; I'll go with Irish Catholic
Geoffrey T. Boisi - "A Knight of Malta and devout Catholic, Boisi serves as trustee for the Papal Foundation and Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises"; Boisi seems to be an Italian name (with some hits also in Switzerland and Hungary); mother's name is Mullen
Ralph J. Cicerone - Italian
John J. DeGioia - Italian
Edward P. Djerejian - Armenian
Amy Gutmann - Jewish
John S. Hendricks - "Born in Matewan, West Virginia, Hendricks' father was a home builder and his mother a clerk for city government. In 1958, the Hendricks family moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where Hendricks grew up."
Susan Hockfield - Jewish
Stephen A. Oxman - Jewish
Ana Palacio - "Ana Isabel de Palacio y del Valle-Lersundi (born 22 July 1948)[1] in Madrid, daughter of Luis María de Palacio y de Palacio, 4th Marqués de Matonte, and wife Luisa Mariana del Valle-Lersundi y del Valle, was Spain's Minister for Foreign Affairs in the People's Party (PP) government of José María Aznar from July 2002-March 2004."
Norman Pearlstine - Jewish
Don M. Randel - Jewish
Louise Richardson - Irish Catholic (born in Ireland, living in Scotland)
Jorge Sampaio - Portuguese from Portugal
Ann Claire Williams - black
James D. Wolfensohn - Jewish


I. Renarde said... can't really say the Rockefellers run the world...look at the people they hire!

IndianaJohn said...

These Foundations are a multicultural freakshow. What value can be built on such a fondation? The Ford Company built America. Just what has this Ford Foundation built? Henry Ford would be aghast. That's what I think.