Intelligence and corruption

Intelligence and bribing behavior in a one-shot game
We investigate the relationship between intelligence and bribing behavior in a simple one-shot game of corruption. We find a robust relationship between intelligence and the probability of bribing in which a higher intelligence quotient (IQ) leads to a lower probability of bribing in the game. This result holds after controlling for other determinants such as gender, attitude toward corruption, and perceptions of corruption. By revealing the gender of the matched player, we also show that gender perceptions of corruption are strong determinants of bribery.
Intelligence and corruption
This study finds that countries with high-IQ populations enjoy less corruption. I propose that this is because intelligent people have longer time horizons.


Steve Sailer said...

You might find this interesting:

Here's Forbes Israel's list of 165 Jewish billionaires worldwide. You can have Google translate it from Hebrew.

I only counted 105 American Jewish billionaires, down a few dozen from your 2010 count. The 2012 cutoff for the Forbes 400 was $1.1 billion, so Dan Snyder is on the billionaire list but not the Forbes 400. Otherwise, they ought to be pretty similar.

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Thanks, I'll take a look. My guess is they're missing some people.

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