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Charley Farley ?@charley_farley Very cool PoBI talk from Leslie. I'm one of the red squares - Anglo-Saxon/pre-Roman British admix. Incredible UK structure #ASHG2012

Nick Eriksson ?@nkeriks Lovely talk by Stephen Leslie about fineSTRUCTURE and the fine structure of UK populations. learned lots about UK history. #ASHG2012

Luke Ward ?@luke__ward M.Wilson Sayres: Ultralow Y diversity due not only to diff reproductive success of sexes but also selection, both coding+noncoding #ashg2012

Yaniv erlich ?@erlichya WS: selection on the Y chromosome does not only act on the coding regions. #ASHG2012

Yaniv erlich Yaniv erlich ?@erlichya WS: reproductive success difference between male&female is not enough to explain the genetic signal from the Y chromosome #ASHG2012

Yaniv erlich ?@erlichya I am exited to hear Wlson Sayres talk about the Y chromosome! One of my favorite chromosomes #ASHG2012

Luke Ward ?@luke__ward R.Sebro: Assortative mating in Framingham cohort (Italian/Irish/Jewish)- shows pop structure persists even in "white" populations. #ashg2012

Vlada ?@vvacic Thomas Cooke (Stanford) reduced representational sequencing captures random 1-2% of genome at ~$160 per sample, useful for popgen. #ASHG2012

Illumina ?@illumina Cooke, GT by seq 99% concord. to whole genome data, on 46 Mb queried at fraction of exome seq cost. 65 smpl on 3 hiseq lanes. #ASHG2012

Nathan Pearson ?@GenomeNathan The Human Randome? Tom Cooke shows results on deep seq of ~46Mb restriction fragmentome = presumedly neutral analog of exome. #ASHG2012 Expand

Illumina Illumina ?@illumina Cooke, Stanford, red rep libraries/genotyping by seq, 60 smpls per $10k on hiseq 99% private var call rate. Go popln genetics! #ASHG2012

Chris Gunter ?@girlscientist Cooke: applying GBS to population structure studies in Argentina. Small n for now. See poster 3362 for more info. #ASHG2012

Luke Ward ?@luke__ward I Pe'er: Ashkenazi Jews arrived in Italy, expelled to East, then expanded rapidly. Extant IBD suggests pop size 800y ago was 300! #ashg2012

Yaniv erlich ?@erlichya IP: Ashkenazim show 2 periods of population growth with a strong bottleneck 800 years ago #ASHG2012

Melissa WilsonSayres ?@mwilsonsayres Many population-specific alleles in Ashkenazi, long runs of IBD and runs of homozygosity - use these to understand demography #ashg2012

Melissa WilsonSayres ?@mwilsonsayres I. Pe'er: Inferring and sequencing the founding bottleneck of Ashkenazim #ashg2012

Yaniv erlich ?@erlichya Itsik Pe'er is the next speaker in New Appraoches for Big Data of #ASHG2012 His talk is on genome structure of Ashkenazim

Gholson Lyon ?@GholsonLyon JBS Haldane 1960, Defense of Beanbag Genetics. Elston. Pre-1953. gene = generation. Embryology not formal genetics then. #ASHG2012

Konrad Karczewski ?@konrad_jk RE: Geneticists have focused on case-ctl studies, not families and fooled themselves into thinking they were doing human genetics! #ASHG2012

Gholson Lyon ?@GholsonLyon R.A. Fisher 1936. "Has Mendel's work been rediscovered?" Elston, believed that the asst. fudged the data for Mendel ? :) #ASHG2012 Expand

john witte john witte ?@johnwitte #ASHG2012. RCE: Mendel's assistant fudged his data (Fisher).

Shane McCarthy ?@doc2r06 #ASHG2012 RE: epidemiologists have been having a ball with case control studies, misguided, followed by applause! Like being at pres rally Expand

Barbara Barbara ?@barbaridad1978 Robert Elston reminds us of the importance of family genetics. #ASHG2012

Konrad Karczewski ?@konrad_jk MP: Combining GWAS with linkage studies improves power quite a bit for complex traits #ASHG2012

Melissa Gymrek ?@mgymrek RH: selective sweeps contribute little to broad-scale pattern of human genetic variation #ASHG2012

Melissa WilsonSayres ?@mwilsonsayres RH: Try to understand evolutionary forces driving human phenotypic variation - sampling from #1000genomes #ashg2012 Expand

Elisabeth Elisabeth ?@bullymom2 MP: more rare variants have been found than predicted by fisher wright model. Could be do to recent popn expansion #ashg2012

Konrad Karczewski ?@konrad_jk MP: GWAS limited by sample size and sequencing coverage. Need to go to pedigrees to find extra-rare variants #ASHG2012

Melissa WilsonSayres ?@mwilsonsayres R. Hernandez: "Insights into selective sweeps and diversity from thousands of sequenced genomes" #ashg2012

Luke Ward ?@luke__ward MS: Neolithic expansion of farmers into Europe, admixed w hunter gatherers; Sardinians were isolated during this admixture #ashg2012

Orli Bahcall ?@obahcall CS: shows population specific Sardinian reference panel increases imputation accuracy #ASHG2012

Luke Ward ?@luke__ward M.Sikora: Otzi the iceman sequenced to 7x coverage; PCA on HGDP, D-test on 1KG shows affinity w Sardinians #ashg2012

Orli Bahcall ?@obahcall Carlo Sidore from Univesrity of Sassari, Italy (how was my accent??) presenting on whole genome sequencing of 21k Sardinians #ASHG2012

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"Neolithic expansion of farmers into Europe, admixed w hunter gatherers; Sardinians were isolated during this admixture."