Daniel MacArthur twitter commentary from CSHL Personal Genomes meeting

This meeting took place a couple weeks ago -- dgmacarthur is presently posting from ICHG2011.

James Watson is asking a question. At least I think it's a question. #cshlpg
Yes, it was a question: hasn't ELSI just been a huge waste of money? Wait, no - he's back to talking again. #cshlpg

Manfred Kayser is talking about the genetics of human appearance, but his talk is untweetable. #cshlpg
Although Kayser's talk is untweetable it sounds as though a lot of this is close to publication - so stay tuned. #cshlpg

JV [Joris Veltman] discussing published analysis of de novo variants in mental retardation: http://bit.ly/olWpYK #cshlpg
JV: total number of de novo coding mutations is not higher in MR patients - but more likely to be in brain genes. #cshlpg

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