Update on People of the British Isles project

A reader forwarded me this message, posted to a mailing list by a third party:
One of my project members wrote to one of the organisers of the People of the British Isles Project to find out a few more details. He was told the following:

"The data will be made publicly available after we have done some analyses, and so anyone should be able to get hold of it when it is!

As for SNPs, we have had 3,000 samples typed on a large scale (about 1.2M SNPs, of which something like 2,000 are on the Y-chromosome). There are about 150 or so that are on the y-chromosome consortium tree, so hopefully we should get quite a lot of information out of the analyses!"

That should make a big difference to Population Finder and all the other admixture tests. Perhaps those of us who already know that we are of 100% British origin might then actually get some meaningful results. The Orkney Islands are not exactly a good proxy for the entire British Isles!
The website is showing a total of 4214 samples collected.

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