Moldbug: "Bring back Monarchy so I can live out my dream of becoming a court Jew"

OK, he didn't actually say that. He did say he thinks democracy is "bad for the Jews". In case there was any question about Mencius Moldbug's political priorities:
And there would be a lot more Jews in the world. This is the bottom line on democracy: it's been bad for the Jews. I'm aware that others have other criteria, but this is mine and I like it just fine.


johnstone said...

I saw this too. And while I don't doubt that ethnocentrism plays no small role in influencing Moldbug's priorities, isn't he saying this to be facetious?

josh said...

It was to get a rise out of people like you. Don't you know when your being kidded?

togo said...

This is the kind of maddening (to the almost any progressive) statement that MM enjoys making. Most progs claim to love "democracy"-even though they are referring to sham democracy ruled by
left-liberal judges and bureaucrats.

n/a said...

"It was to get a rise out of people like you."


Anonymous said...

isn't he saying this to be facetious?

That was my general impression.

Mark IJsseldijk said...

How is it "bad for Jews"? It's allowed them unprecedented power and influence globally. It's allowed them to race-replace us. This guy's a tough one to please, no?

TGGP said...

I'm thinking a "ha-ha-only-serious" kind of thing.

I know a lot of you folks (Salter fans particularly) think replicating the genes of your co-ethnics is the important thing. Have Jews really been that successful with that in the 20th century? I know there was a huge population boom among Ashkenazim in Europe in the 19th century or so, but my impression is that they got the most direct dose of the demographic retardation they are supposed to have inflicted on gentiles.

Because comments were closed at GNXP, I tried to continue the conversation here.

Tanstaafl said...

Great title.

Moldbug writes:

If you add a mysterious chemical to a fishtank and the fish start dying, it's possible that it's just a coincidence and the fish are dying of something else. On the other hand, it's possible that the chemical is fish poison. Occam would certainly want you to consider the possibility.

Moldbug loves to cite Occam but not follow Occam's advice.

The mysterious chemical was jewish emancipation, not democracy. Even the fact that today's "democracy" is nothing but a cover for a largely jewish plutocracy would not in itself necessarily be an existential threat. It was a democratic but segregated, ie. "racist", US military that defeated Germany and nuked Japan. The anti-White regime and genocidal non-White immigration policies that have since arisen are an existential threat however, and the driver for these things can be traced right back to jewish emancipation. If blacks, latinos, muslims, and other "people of color" didn't have jewish sponsership and a jewish template to follow they wouldn't today be lording over the grandchildren of the people who waged Total War to defend the borders that the spirit of emancipation has erased. If democracy were actually operating the people A) would be consulted on immigration, and B) would reject it.

I didn't take Moldbug's statement at the end as a joke. But even if it was it was a typically jewish "joke" which provides a reasonable explanation how someone so erudite can be so blind. Occam indeed.

Tanstaafl said...

Apologies. The typically jewish joke link above is actually just plain old typically jewish "is it good for the jews" kvetching.

The Truth of the Jewish Conspiracy Revealed is the "joke" I intended to link.

n/a said...

Mark Ijsseldijk,

'How is it "bad for Jews"?'

It has something to do with the British and FDR being responsible for The Holocaust.


'I'm thinking a "ha-ha-only-serious" kind of thing.'

I just don't see any way of interpreting it as an attempt at humor. While Moldbug enjoys making "outrageous" assertions:
(a) he generally attempts to make "serious" arguments supporting his "outrageous" assertions (this is the entire basis of his internet persona: that he is a brave, clever, amazingly erudite thinker with unique insights on history);
(b) there's nothing "un-PC" about a Jew being concerned with "what's good for the Jews" (on the contrary); no one posting at gnxp would bat an eyelash at that aspect of his post. If anything, it was a totally deadpan attempt to reach for some PC cover after the mild defense of Nazi Germany (or a reminder to non-Jews that he has a special license to practice historical revisionism, which they do not).

Overall, I see no reason not to take Moldbug at his word: he identifies strongly as a Jew; his politics are based on what he perceives to be "good for the Jews"; and he feels (Jews are) more threatened by disorderly "NAMs" and democratic masses than by divine monarchs or corporations.


'Moldbug loves to cite Occam but not follow Occam's advice.'