Some race psychology studies

Two recent, two older.

One: "neurocognitive processes associated with self identity underlie extraordinary empathy and altruistic motivation for members of one's own social group."

Two: "participants displayed activity over motor cortex when acting and when observing ingroups act, but not when observing outgroups – an effect magnified by prejudice and for disliked groups (South-Asians, then Blacks, followed by East Asians)."

Three: "What we found was that students were more likely to choose the white confederate as a partner (63 per cent), despite the fact that the white person had made a racist comment about the black person," said Kawakami. "And the racist comments ranged from moderate to one of the most powerful anti-black slurs in the English language." (pubmed)

Four: "Blacks may, ironically, prefer to interact with highly racially biased Whites, at least in short interactions." (pdf)


Eileen said...

Why is the Science Daily story of the third example you gave accompanied by a photo of a guy in a cowboy hat? (<< Rhetorical question, really.) :-/

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