Entertaining example of folk evolutionary thinking

Joe Rogan advises delusional boxer James Toney:
Brock Lesnar, that's a freak of a man. That's like the high end of the genetic spectrum. [. . .] Brock Lesnar is some weird instance where vikings fucked vikings for generation after generation and their warrior bloodlines were passed on. And this motherfucker living in the woods in Minnesota, you know, he got the best of the best. [. . .] for sure has good wrestling, [. . .] but at the end of the day that motherfucker is a barbarian. The reason why he's so fucking good he is a direct descendant from ancient giant warriors from thousands of years ago.


The Undiscovered Jew said...

Goldberg could take him.

Anonymous said...

"On July 22, 2006, Goldberg served as color commentator in mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion World Fighting Alliance (WFA) King of the Streets pay-per-view in Los Angeles, California. When asked whether he was interested in becoming a mixed martial artist, Goldberg stated, "I'd love to, especially if I was 21 or even 29, but these guys are so far ahead of me in terms of experience. I never say never, though. But I don’t see myself stopping my movies, my shows, my commentating, or being a dad to do that".

Goldberg is billed as 6'4", however, on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, Curtis Stone the chef, also listed as 6'4" towers over him. Ah well, the wonderful world of professional wrestling.

n/a said...


The only charitable response is to assume that's an attempt at humor.

The Undiscovered Jew said...

Goldberg in his prime could have easily taken him. But since you're the world's biggest internet viking, you can keep fantasizing about this overrated homo.

n/a said...

Is someone having fun at the expense of TUJ? If not, that comment is hilarious in an entirely different way.

Brock Lesnar was a Division I wrestling champion and is the current UFC heavyweight champion. As far as I know, Goldberg has never competed in (much less been nationally ranked in) any combat sport. (Professional wrestling and serving as "tough Jew" in daydreams of Jewish teenagers are not combat sports.)

The Undiscovered Jew said...

College wrestling?! That doesn't mean shit. He couldn't even hack it in the NFL with black athletes. Keep dreaming, though. You're probably a pussy with a high-pitched voice just like Joe Rogan.

Uber - Nord said...

the world's biggest internet viking, - TUJ

That's ironic. We could call TUJ the biggest internet kike because he fits all the stereotypes: Arrogant, too clever by half, legendary capacity for obfuscation, extols the virtues of negro athletes, etc.

College wrestling?! That doesn't mean shit.

More significant than anything Mr. Goldberg, or you, have ever taken part in.

You're probably a pussy with a high-pitched voice just like Joe Rogan.

Could it be projection?

n/a said...

TUJ, I'm not your psychiatrist. Work out your personal insecurities elsewhere. If you had any idea how badly you've embarrassed yourself, I would be shocked if you were to ever post under that pseudonym again.

Anonymous said...

Is TUJ retarded or is he trolling? WTF?

Uber - Nord said...

Is TUJ retarded or is he trolling? - anon


Anonymous said...

Toney is a nobody in MMA for now. He hasn't been tested. Lesnar would destroy him, because he would take Tony down, hold him down, and ground and pound him into bloody submission like he did to Mir.

Lesnar will have his hands full with Carwin, who is another Viking, in his next match. It'll be like something out of Conan.

Lesnar's trainers claim his arms are as strong as most people's legs. Looking at him it seems to be true.

As far as Goldberg goes, he is athletic and has physical strength, but it takes a lot more to be a great fighter. You need lots of training, the right psyche, and a good chin. Lots of big dudes are put down fast because they have a weak chin.