"Cows are key to 2,500 years of human progress"

"Dairy farming is key factor in history of European nutrition, study argues, with Roman empire a net loss" (link, via Jason Malloy):
A study of the remains of almost 20,000 people dating from the 8th century BC to the 18th century AD has found that the Roman empire reduced our level of nutrition, which increased again in the "dark ages"
Jean M comments:
As the empire expanded, Roman soldiers found themselves fighting milk-fed Celts and Germans who towered over them. Diodorus Siculus described the Gauls as tall of body, with rippling muscles. Strabo marvels that mere lads from milk-drinking Britain were as much as half a foot taller than the tallest people in Rome. Tacitus declared that the Germanic tribes had huge frames. [. . .]

Nikola Koepke, "Nutritional status in pre-historic and historic Europe" was read at the The Economic History Society Annual Conference, University of Durham, 26-28 March 2010. It is online in the accompanying volume [pdf], pp. 13-18.


Anonymous said...

Most average citizens in the overpopulated Roman Empire ate a diet full of empty carbs which came from various grains.

The parallels with the modern USA are quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mass milk production in the USA has been very bad for the health of White Americans.

The milk we buy in stores is loaded with hormones and antibiotics, and most of the good stuff in it is rendered inert by over-pasteurization.

Guess who owns and operates most of the main dairy factory-farms in the USA? ANSWER: die Juden.

Christoph said...

Anonymous @ 7:08 AM

You're a wonderful example that stupidity is spread amongst all races.