Ethnic origins of presidents of Princeton University

[2013-] Christopher L. Eisgruber - Jewish.

[2001-2013] Shirley M. Tilghman - Canadian with Jewish husband.

[1988-2001] Harold T. Shapiro - Canadian Jew.

[1972-1988] William G. Bowen - "William Gordon Bowen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 6, 1933. He was the first and only surviving child of Albert Andrew Bowen and Bernice Catherine Bowen. The Bowens, both originally from Indiana (Indianapolis and South Bend), had moved to Cincinnati because of Albert's job as a salesman for National Cash register." (Princeton Alumni Weekly - Volume 72 - Page 58)

"Bill Bowen is one of the great figures in American higher education," said Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber. "His legendary leadership of this University simultaneously elevated Princeton's stature and strengthened its core values. After stepping down from the presidency, he resumed his scholarly study of higher education, producing research of unsurpassed quality. [. . .]

Other books, including "The Shape of the River: Long-Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions" (1998) and "Equity and Excellence in American Higher Education" (2005), expand on Bowen's commitment to the importance of seeking diversity in building faculty and student bodies. [Former Princeton President Bowen awarded National Humanities Medal]

[1957-1972] Robert F. Goheen - "Robert Francis Goheen was born on August 15, 1919 to Anne (Ewing) and Dr Robert H. H. Goheen in Vengurla, India, where both his parents were serving as Presbyterian medical missionaries. [. . .] Goheen taught classics at Princeton as an assistant professor from 1950 until 1957, when he was appointed the university’s 16th president. At 37, he was the youngest man to assume that position since the 18th century. Faced with the social and political challenges of the 1960s, Goheen encouraged student involvement in decision-making processes and initiated active recruitment of minorities, as well as overseeing the admission of women in 1969." Son of Robert H. H. and Anne (Ewing) Goheen. Pennsylvania ancestry.

[1933-1957] Harold W. Dodds - "Dodds was born on June 28, 1889 in Utica, Pennsylvania, the son of a professor of Bible Studies at Grove City College."

[1912-1932] John Grier Hibben - "Hibben was born in Peoria, Illinois [. . .] He was the only son of the Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Grier) Hibben. The Hibbens were of Scottish and Scots-Irish descent. [. . .] Elizabeth Grier was a native of Peoria, from a large family with partial German ancestry. She later was one of the pioneers in the movement for woman's suffrage."

[1902-1910] Woodrow Wilson - Scottish and Scotch-Irish ancestry.

[1888-1902] Reverend Francis L. Patton - "He was born in Warwick Parish, Bermuda, and attended Warwick Academy. He studied at Knox College, Toronto and at the University of Toronto; graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1865; was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in June 1865"

[1868-1888] Reverend James McCosh - "McCosh was born of a Covenanting family in Ayrshire, and studied at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, obtaining his M.A. at the latter"

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