Racial and ethnic variation in penis size, pt. 2: the actual data

Here is most of the relevant published data I know of (but keep in mind the issues touched on in the previous post):

My impression:

  • While there are probably some real differences between populations, differences among different Caucasoid and Negroid populations, at least, appear to be greater than any overall differences between macroraces. I don't find this surprising, since if we looked at, say, height, the same would probably be true.
  • I'm not convinced the data support any difference between Northern Europeans and West Africans, and if differences exist, they are relatively minor.
  • To the extent we can say anything about intra-Caucasoid differences, there appears to be a trend of declining penis size from Northern/western Europe towards SE Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.
  • Reported values for East Asia do appear to tend toward the low end among worldwide populations.

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