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Mangan on Transparency International's World Corruption Index

A One-Way Human Mission to Mars:
There are many reasons why a human colony on Mars is a desirable goal, scientifically and politically. The strategy of one-way missions brings this goal within technological and financial feasibility. Nevertheless, to attain it would require [. . .] a return to the exploration spirit and risk-taking ethos of the great period of Earth exploration, from Columbus to Amundsen, but which has nowadays being replaced with a culture of safety and political correctness.

The origin of Eastern European Jews revealed by autosomal, sex chromosomal and mtDNA polymorphisms.

The Lost Tribes of Europe ("As national borders blur, the Continent's original minorities are fighting to reclaim their ancient cultures and identities")

Steve Sailer mentions: "a video of part of the amazing 1983 documentary First Contact with footage of the arrival of Australian explorers in the highlands of New Guinea around 1930."


Wanderer said...

"When the first airplane flew over the central spine of New Guinea [in 1930], the pilot was amazed to discover that there wasn't just one mountain range, but two parallel ones with a fertile valley between them, home to about a million agriculturalists, previously unknown to the rest of the world."

These are people of the Australoid racial parafamily, and they're still around in 2010. I'm glad. Their unique racial-stock(s) survive intact, as do many of their languages and customs. There are even small bands deep in the jungles that have still had no contact at all with the outside world.

(Note: The entire island of New Guinea -- the free half and Indonesian-occupied half combined -- is almost the size of France and Germany combined.)

The threat of Indonesian annexation always looms. Indonesia has long occupied the western half of their island, and has poured in settlers to that half since independence: The potential beginning of the end for the Papuan race(s).

By today, Indonesian-occupied western-New-Guinea has 3.6-million people, 50% Indonesians, 50% native Papuans. (This region was 100% Papuan in the early 1960s).

Free-New-Guinea ["Papua New Guinea", the eastern half of the island] has 6.1-million people, fewer than 100,000 of them foreigners.

Total for the island of New-Guinea:
7.8-million Papuans
1.8-million Indonesians
<0.1-million Other foreigners [Mainly Western missionaries and mining staff]

Anyone can see that 245-million-strong Indonesia could easily swallow up the Papuans, ending the viability of their race by the close of this century. (A disaster for the diversity of the human race).

The Papuans see this. As such, one of the little-known conflicts in the world today is the insurgency by Papuans of Australoid race to drive the Indonesians [who are partly-Australoid but mostly Mongoloid] out of New Guinea.

I was not really aware of this insurgency until a few months ago, when I read about it in "The Economist". The journalist interviewed a Papuan guerrilla leader, and the reasons he gave for fighting were as flat-out a "cards-on-the-table" demonstration of "voelkisch" ideals as you'll ever see in the modern media. It was downright inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Europe has always been a mosaic of competing and collaborating cultures. It was only with the rise of the nation-state in the 18th and 19th centuries that many people — often by force rather than choice — began primarily identifying themselves by nationality rather than local ethnic group. Now that national borders are crumbling, the tribal mind is once again coming to the fore.

The only diversity I'm interested in is European diversity, particularly of the Nordish kind. A sea of fair-skinned, light-eyed, brunet, blond and red-haired people, that is grand.

Anonymous said...

CONCLUSIONS: The close genetic resemblance to Italians accords with the historical presumption that Ashkenazi Jews started their migrations across Europe in Italy and with historical evidence that conversion to Judaism was common in ancient Rome.

So, it's the Italians then is it. You guidos got some 'splainin' to do!

Year 2042 White Minority USA said...

Spengler quote that about sums up the current racial disaster, from THE HOUR OF DECISION:

"But the decay of the white family, the inevitable outcome of megalopolitan existence, is spreading, and it is devouring the "race" of nations. The meaning of man and wife, the will to perpetuity, is being lost. People live for themselves alone, not for future generations. The nation as society, once the organic web of families, threatens to dissolve, from the city outwards, into a sum of private atoms, of which each is intent on extracting from his own and other lives the maximum of amusement - panem et circenses. The women's emancipation of Ibsen's time wanted, not freedom from the husband, but freedom from the child, from the burden of children, just as men's emancipation in the same period signified freedom from the duties towards family, nation, and State. The whole of Liberal-Socialistic problem-literature revolves about this suicide of the white race. It has been the same in all other Civilizations."

- http://www.archive.org/stream/TheHourOfDecision/HOD_djvu.txt

Anonymous said...

The United States won't last until 2042. Suddenly arriving at the hour when whites slip into racial minority isn't like meeting a plunge. The decline onto the precipice is itself slow and gradual, its foretokens have been visible to anyone not a fool since the early 1990s, indeed much earlier too in some cases.

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