UK racial classifications

Looks like someone forgot to tell GW's countrymen that all Europeans are identically "white". London police radio codes:
Giving evidence in a begging case at Marlborough Street Magistrates' Court, WPC Linda Nicholls said that she saw the defendant stop an IC1 in the street. What, enquired the magistrate, Mr St John Harmsworth, was an IC1? Amid laughter the WPC explained that it was part of a code: "An IC1 is a white man, an IC2 is an Italian, and an IC3 is a West Indian." When WPC Nicholls reverted later in the evidence to more traditional language and said that the defendant had also stopped an Italian, the magistrate, warming to the theme translated: "An IC2".

[. . .]

It is difficult to encompass the world with six groups but the Metropolitan Police assign "white-skinned European types - English, Scottish, Welsh, Scandinavian and Russian" to IC1; "dark-skinned European types - Sardinian, Spanish, Italian" to IC2; "Negroid types - Caribbean, West Indian, African, Nigerian" to IC3; Indians and Pakistanis to IC4; "Chinese, Japanese, Mongolians, Siamese" to IC5; and "Arabians, Egyptians, Algerians, Moroccans and North Africans" to IC6.

[Lindsay Mackie. Race causes an initial confusion. Wednesday June 14, 1978.]

IC1 White - North European
IC2 White - South European
IC3 Black
IC4 Asian
IC5 Chinese, Japanese or any other South East Asian
IC6 Arabic or North African

[Abbreviations - A-Z Glossary of Police Terms]

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