What Americans (used to) look like

From an early article on Ales Hrdlicka's work [1]:

From The Old Americans by Ales Hrdlicka:

[1] "The 'Melting Pot' a Myth," Journal of Heredity, VIII (March 1917), 99-105 (link)



Anonymous said...

They don’t look very Sicilian.

Looks like Med boy is back for another try

n/a said...

LOL. I "envied" the "success" of his board so much that once the quality of the typical poster and the arbitrary moderation revealed itself I told him to delete my account -- a request which he repeatedly refused.

The old racial myths message board was entertaining because RM was generally absent and, unlike CG, hdd wasn't functionally retarded.

Anonymous said...

Yes, initially he was nothing more than a rarely seen landlord who left the managerial duties to hdd, the only person willing to put in the 120 hour work-week that was required to keep Tony under control.
Yet, RM suffered from delusions of grandeur and saw the forum and its posters as his property:

This sort of later meddling combined with his efforts to drive off dissidents effectively killed the forum.

From what little I saw of his new place last spring, little had changed other than that he was now employing a Sicilophile stooge who actually possessed with a sword for his avatar picture as a moderator.

Anonymous said...


possessed= posed

n/a said...

This is true. Crimson Tard wishes he was Conan, when he's not fantasizing he's a Roman Centurion. He's also the type of dumb person who's so dumb he thinks he's smart -- exactly who you want moderating your board.

I think even Tony Morello would be a step up, Tony being comparatively (intentionally) entertaining and self-aware.