jody on Sailer-Entine faggotry:
white jumpers go 1 and 3 at high jump, black americans do not even final at long jump or high jump, yet here we are, immediately back to talking about 100 meters. actually, we never stopped, because fawning over black 100 meter runners is the main interest of "track" fans like steve. most other interesting questions about track and field are rarely explored.

it's like some kind of jon entine-esque gay fantasy. and let's not pretend that's not what going on here.

the immediate and unrelenting comparison of west african sprinters to white men, and only white men, as if white men were the only other humans on earth, and they alone needed to be singled out for being inferior, when in fact they're pretty good athletes, and a lot better than the other races on average, well, it's just gay. and i don't mean gay in the "this is retarded" way. it borders on homosexual.


not an olympics wrap-up, just a track and field wrap-up. and not even a track & field wrap-up. just a track wrap-up, and pretty much just a track sprinting wrap-up.

totally ignoring field is very important for the silly entine-esque analysis going on here. white men can't jump, except when they can. black americans easily dominate jumping, except when they don't.

throwing objects is completely natural, as natural as running. it's why there is a huge difference between men and women when it comes to throwing. men are literally designed to throw. it's genetic. africans are throwing rocks and spears every single day. yet it's white men who are better at throwing things on average. and not just a shotput or a discus or a javelin, but footballs and baseballs and basketballs too. they're just plain better at hurling and shooting stuff for accuracy and distance. but positive stereotypes about white athletes are never allowed.

should we even get into how ridiculous some of steve's statements are in his vdare column? boxing is not important now he says. that can only be because white boxers have taken many of the belts.

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On a related note, from Caste Football:
In the same way that wide-ranging, exorbitantly expensive attempts to find and develop White world beaters in the 100 meters, 10,000 meters, or table tennis would be mocked, America’s attempts to have world-beating Black weightlifters, Black swimmers, Black shot putters, Black wrestlers, Black cyclists, Black high jumpers, Black javelin throwers, and even Black or semi-Black decathletes are ridiculous. Indeed it is nothing more than a severe abuse of the available potential.

[Rudolf Dempsey, "Why China Won the 2008 Olympics", 8/24/08]

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