Ben Stein guilty of "blood libel on Western Civilization"

Says Derbyshire:
Western civilization has many glories. There are the legacies of the ancients, in literature and thought. There are the late-medieval cathedrals, those huge miracles of stone, statuary, and spiritual devotion. There is painting, music, the orderly cityscapes of Renaissance Italy, the peaceful, self-governed townships of old New England and the Frontier, the steel marvels of the early industrial revolution, our parliaments and courts of law, our great universities with their spirit of restless inquiry.

And there is science, perhaps the greatest of all our achievements, because nowhere else on earth did it appear. China, India, the Muslim world, all had fine cities and systems of law, architecture and painting, poetry and prose, religion and philosophy. None of them ever accomplished what began in northwest Europe in the later 17th century, though: a scientific revolution. Thoughtful men and women came together in learned societies to compare notes on their observations of the natural world, to test their ideas in experiments, and in reasoned argument against the ideas of others, and to publish their results in learned journals. A body of common knowledge gradually accumulated. Patterns were observed, laws discerned and stated.

. . . And now here is Ben Stein, sneering and scoffing at Darwin, a man who spent decades observing and pondering the natural world — that world Stein glimpses through the window of his automobile now and then, when he’s not chattering into his cell phone. . . . The “intelligent design” hoax is not merely non-science, nor even merely anti-science; it is anti-civilization. It is an appeal to barbarism, to the sensibilities of those Apaches, made by people who lack the imaginative power to know the horrors of true barbarism.

See also: Lawrence Auster.


Anonymous said...

Stein is saying what Americans want to hear.

Anonymous said...

Americans want to hear "Darwin did teh Holocaust"?

Derbyshire distinguishes between honest, old-style creationists and dishonest, Discovery Institute-style IDers.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent Design: It's not Science
ADL Blasts Christian Supremacist TV Special & Book Blaming Darwin For Hitler

Anonymous said...

So Jews are attacking Western Civilization from multiple different directions. What's new?

Anonymous said...

@1:07: What is your point? That the ADL is right about something (no doubt for the wrong reasons)?