Dienekes releases ancestry analysis tool

For people with 23andMe or Family Finder data (background; download). Don't take the component names too literally or assume this particular analysis is the final word, but the tool allows you to compare your personal results with those for various populations included in Dienekes' admixture runs. Definitely do not take the results from Dodecad Oracle mixed mode (which lists combinations of two populations that would produce admixture proportions most similar to yours) literally. It might be useful for people with more broadly mixed ancestry. But from what I'm seeing, people of Northwestern European ancestry will frequently be shown as, for example, 7/8 Scottish and 1/8 Italian, when they have minimal Scottish and no Italian ancestry. Dienekes acknowledges "mixed mode should be used with caution". I think it throws away too much information to ever have much precision within Europe. The future will be very large databases and assignment of individual segments to specific geographic locations.

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