Race and physical activity

Guy White asserts blacks are "physically superior", his proof being:
Their physical ability is obvious when looking at the physique of the average black and white man. Look at all those black men whose bodies look like Greek gods without spending any time in the gym. You can’t argue that they commit more crime due to higher testosterone without admitting that testosterone also makes them stronger.
I was going to reply at Guy White's blog around the time he first posted this, but I must have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of bizarre assumptions underlying the comment and never completed a response.

For the moment, I'll just point out that more black than white young men in the U.S. report engaging in weight-lifting (44.5% vs. 30.7%) and calisthenics (41.9% vs. 28.9%) [1]. How Guy White came to the opposite conclusion, I have no idea. Perhaps he was applying his brand of "logic" and generalizing from something like Herschel Walker's infamous claim of having never lifted weights.

[1] Dowda et al. Correlates of physical activity among U.S. Young adults, 18 to 30 years of age, from NHANES III. Annals of Behavioral Medicine Volume 26, Number 1 / August, 2003


blue anonymous said...

If there's anything that shows their athletic superiority, it's elite sports. Of course, the difference at the extremes is much more than the difference between the means.

bretagne said...

"Physically superior" is such a vague and general notion. It makes no sense to argue that blacks are somehow generally "physically superior" to whites, and other groups for that matter.

Aside from a few physical activities involving very short term power generation, such as short sprints, vertical leaps, etc., where it's plausible blacks have a natural advantage, probably due to a greater ratio of fast to slow twitch muscle fibers, it can't seriously be argued that blacks are physically superior.

Muscle strength, endurance, coordination, are all areas that whites are arguably superior to blacks.

blue anonymous said...

Endurance? I thought east africans were the big marathon men at the international level. Of course, it could be that only northeast africans are ahead on this and the rest are behind whites. Or that africans are a tough behind at the mean, but have a larger standard deviation.

Anonymous said...

You know, "Gay White" is sounding more and more like that negro and jew worshipping, drag queen zionist agent-provacateur "Andrei 'Andrea' Freiboden", who just happened to go through a name change -- "Andrea Ostrov Letania".

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n/a said...


They're not the same person (completely different writing styles), but yeah "Andrea" has an extreme presentation of the tendency to be overawed by black physiques exhibited here by gaywhite. They may have similar backgrounds. I have the impression both are from the Chicago area and of Eastern European (possibly Jewish) extraction. I suspect both were beat up by black kids when they were younger.

Anonymous said...

"They're not the same person (completely different writing styles), but yeah "Andrea" has an extreme presentation of the tendency to be overawed by black physiques exhibited here by gaywhite. They may have similar backgrounds."

"...They may have similar backgrounds."

Well, one thing's for sure n/a -

There both Cuckoo for COCOA Puffs! :-(

TGGP said...

Freiboden spammed my blog to drum up readership a while back. I didn't get any of the impression you guys have mentioned, but on the other hand I'm less interested in such topics and due to the turgid writing my eyes quickly glazed over and so I was mostly skimming. I did suspect the author was a dude, if only because all the nerds/racialists on the net are male.

Anonymous said...

A clearly irrelevant study. Sports is merely for entertainment and recreational purposes. Sure, blacks may be more attuned to sports and physical activity, but that doesn't make then physically superior. Last time I checked they were dying in the thousands in Africa from disease and illness; or shooting each other. Let's see how they compare in mental capabilities and enginuity. Things that actually benefit and improve civilizations. Even the new black president is a joke!

So, the study says that 38.9% of white men and 50.1% of black men do jogging/running. There are roughly 20 million black men and 120 million white men in the US. So, hypothetically the study would say that 46.7 million white men do jogging/running compared to the 10 million black men. In weight-lifting 36.8 million white men compared to the 8.9 million black men.

the numbers blatantly show that more white men participate in sports than black men.

n/a said...

You seem to have missed the point of this post.

Personally, I find it bizarre enough that guywhite thinks "black men whose bodies look like Greek gods" are common in the general population. Here I'm merely responding to a dumb assertion concerning relative levels of physical training.

re: "physical superiority", I more or less agree with bretagne's comment. Blacks are innately worse than whites in some areas and better in others.

The degree to which black overrepresentation in football and basketball is caused by innate differences in ability is an open question. For a time, many believed blacks would always dominate boxing. Now whites "hold 17 of the 20 belts from middleweight to heavyweight", and boosters of "black athleticism" are left making excuses.

It's not an issue I really care about either way. Participatory athletics serve many legitimate purposes, and spectator sports can be justified in some circumstances (only, I think, when the teams are constituted from members of the communities they are meant to represent). I can think of no useful reason to watch members of a different race throw balls around on TV, regardless of their ability.

Anonymous said...

This is an old post, but your claim that Andrei Freeboden is a nerd or ethnic who was beaten up by blacks in school is probably right:


"I dare anyone to randomly match Asians vs blacks in fights, and 95 times out of 100, blacks will win. And, blacks will beat whites 8 times out of 10. I’ve seen it all my life. I grew up in integrated neighborhoods, and EVERYONE understood blacks were the top dogs in the social hierarchy in schools."