Ethnic background of the British Royal family

From the website of genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner, who died last year. The Ethnic ancestry of Prince William (b. 1982):
Every so often, someone will state that the British Royal Family is "not British", that they are instead "German" or "Foreign". Since this belief seems to be somewhat wide-spread, and since the genealogy of many members of the British Royal Family is fairly well known, it seemed to me that it would be fairly easy to quantify precisely how "British" or "non-British" the British Royal Family is. This webpage shows the results of my work.

[. . .] The definition of "ethnic group" I'm using, and the working definition most people seem to use when referring to someone's ethnicity, is that all of the known and/or traceable ancestors of the person in question were part of the indigenous population in a certain geographic location, where the inhabitants shared a common language, a common culture (including a common religion), and an exclusive mating population (i.e., the members of this group would only mate with other members of the same group). The person can then be considered to be a member of that "ethnic group". [. . .]

Another place where derived values can be adjusted is in my handling of one certain ethnic group. Long study of the genealogies of the European Royals can lead one (specifically, has led me) to the realization that the European Royals can be considered a separate ethnic group. The only way they differ from other ethnic groups is that they are not geographically discrete, but in other respects they meet all the qualifications of an ethnic group: their shared rituals, their shared language(s), etc., and (most significant from a genealogical / genetic perspective) their mating habits. Until fairly recently, the only acceptable mate for a Royal, male or female, was another Royal. Royal = non-Royal matings which resulted in Royal offspring are notable primarily for their scarcity. For this reason, I have described someone whose ancestry is exclusively or primarily from this Royal caste to be of the "Royal" ethnic group.

It's possible that you, the reader, may not wish to accept my definition of the "Royal" ethnic group, and would rather describe persons of the Royal caste by using one or another of the traditional ethnic group names. Feel free to do so. Since most of the "Royal" persons referred to below lived in what is now Germany, the most convenient traditional ethnic group name to refer to them would be "German". Simply add the values I refer to as "Royal" to the values I refer to as "German" and call the result "German". I, however, will maintain the distinction in the layouts below. [. . .]

Prince William of Wales:

35.327 148 437 5 % English
29.418 945 312 5 % Royal
14.404 296 875 % Scottish
5.383 300 781 25 % German
3.747 558 593 75 % Irish
3.320 312 5 % French
3.295 898 437 5 % Anglo-Irish
2.343 75 % Hungarian
0.781 25 % Armenian
0.585 937 5 % Dutch
0.292 968 75 % Danish
0.292 968 75 % Welsh
0.158 691 906 25 % Belgian
0.146 484 375 % Swedish
0.146 484 375 % Swiss
0.122 070 312 5 % Bohemian
0.097 656 25 % Lithuanian
0.097 656 25 % Russian
0.036 621 093 75 % Jersiaise
100.0 %


Hail said...

Very interesting. I'm not sure why he chose to present the numbers in that disjointed, intermittently-spaced way -- It confused me at first but it seems they are all one number. So, William is 35.33% English, 29.42% "Royal", etc.

This paragraph is also of interest:
This leads to yet another question: how fine should I make distinctions? I separated out the Jersiaise ancestors (those from Jersey, in the Channel Islands), but I didn't separate out, say, the ancestors from Cornwall and Devon, I didn't separate the French Catholics from the French Protestants (Huguenots), etc. For that matter, I indiscriminately lumped all of Prince William's Prussian, Bavarian, Austrian, Swabian, Westphalian, etc., ancestors into the single designation of "German", and I list Prince William's ancestor Claudine Rhedey as "Hungarian" when she, and most of her ancestors, were actually from that part of Hungary which is now called Romania (Transylvania). I had to draw the line somewhere.

Justin said...

So, does "English" include Norman stock? Are they no longer to be considered French invaders?

Hail said...

Pull on that string a little more, Justin --

What is "French"? The ancestors of William The Bastard/Conqueror, and co., were Scandinavians!

Justin said...

Yeah, that is exactly what I was wondering, what stock exactly the Normans were. Has there been done any genetic studies on which modern population they most resemble? Hail, you mention a Scandanavian origin, is that from what we know about their documented history of migrations? Do we have any genetic work done in that area?

Hail said...

The story is: the group of Normans who invaded England were an elite descended from Vikings who settled in the area some generations before.

It's likely that they picked up some local blood along the way, as they picked up the French language and Christianity (and an acute case of feudalism). But most of the racial stock in northern-France at the time was certainly "Nordish" one way or another, in light of the Voelkerwanderung. Charlemagne, Charles Martel were Germanics.

Anthropologists have noted the predominance in Normandy of Northerly racial types. See here and here. Also note the cephalic index similarity of Normany and North-Germany. Finally, a French anthropologist's racial map of France

Modern Normans are not "purely Scandinavian-origin", of course, it is just one component of their ancestry.

As for genetic studies, better ask n/a.

Hail said...

Coon on Normans:

Movements of racial significance
...first the waves of Keltic peoples, and then of Germanic, culminating in the establishment of Charlemagne's Frankish empire. These invasions gave to the whole north of France a Kelto-Germanic racial, cast, which has penetrated many other parts of the country. The Nordic infusion so produced has had a lasting effect upon the French racial composition.
Other movements of importance were the penetration of the Basques northward, as recorded in the preceding chapter; the arrival of the Northmen from Norway in what became, under their regime, Normandy; the earlier arrival of Saxons along the coast; and the settlement of Cornishmen in Brittany. In more recent times the infiltration of Italians into the Riviera is a racial movement of some consequence.

Hair color in Normans
Blond hair is commonest along the Channel, in regions settled by Saxons and Normans, in Burgundy and the country bordering Switzerland, and down the course of the Rhône. In northern France it seems to follow upstream the rivers which empty into the Channel.
The hair color of the departments...directly across the Channel from England in Normandy, seems to be nearly as light as that in the southern English counties

Hail said...

A final point:
The racial impact the group of invading Normans had on England is very minimal, AFAIK. Maybe others can shed light on this. (What I mean is, the % of ancestry the English people as a whole have from the Norman invaders is very low.) But even if it is higher than I think it is, it's a moot question because the racial-stock was the same as that already ascendant in England.

1066's significance is cultural, not racial.

Anonymous said...

Prince William looks more Scottish than anything else, so not surprising he has a pretty large chunk of Scottish ancestry.

I'm surprised though that he's 1/128th Armenian.

The Armenians may be Christian, but even the ones in the part of Armenia which is part of Europe are still far more West Asian in genetics than anyone else in Europe, according to the admixture analysis thus far released.

I’m surprised that evidently some Aristocrat of old failed to pick up on that intuitively, or was tolerant of it, and thus went through with getting married to an Armenian.

I remember back in the 70’s when the Edwardian drama Upstairs Downstairs depicted a coupling between an Aristocratic English girl and an Armenian there was some tut-tutting on the part of the characters about what the English girl did.

At least if I remember right there was, though perhaps the extramarital nature of the affair played a larger role.

Also interesting that there aren’t any Jews back there, as at least according to Nazi propaganda the English Aristocracy was heavily interbred with Ashkenazis.

Or did William Addams count English Jews as English?

Anonymous said...

Turns out the Armenian ancestry is coming from someone named Ruth Sylvia Gill, who was 87% Scottish but with an Armenian great-great-grandparent.

Ruth Gill was the maternal grandmother of Princess Diana and a confidante of the famous Queen Mum.,_Baroness_Fermoy

I guess an Armenian immigrated into Scotland back in the 19th Century.

n/a said...


'So, does "English" include Norman stock? Are they no longer to be considered French invaders?'

Reitwiesner goes back only 14 generations, so I assume they are counted as English. Someone who is interested could try picking a random subset of the "English" ancestors and characterizing their origins more fully. One could also try comparing the distribution of different sorts of surnames (putatively Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman, etc., in origin) among William's ancestors to that among the English population in general.

I'd also be interested in seeing any attempt to better quantify the earliest origins of the "Royal" group.

'Yeah, that is exactly what I was wondering, what stock exactly the Normans were. Has there been done any genetic studies on which modern population they most resemble?'

Off the top of my head, I don't recall any autosomal studies dealing specifically with Normans, and I don't think modern inhabitants of Normandy would be the best stand-ins for Norman invaders one thousand years ago. But, overall the French today seem to be fairly similar to the Germans and British.


Prince William certainly has no recent or meaningful Jewish ancestry. I've seen claims (information originally from an article entitled "Our Multicultural Monarchy" at a Canadian monarchist site) that the British Royal family have (extremely distant, Sephardic) Jewish ancestry, but we're talking about one or a handful of ancestors in Medieval times.

'at least according to Nazi propaganda the English Aristocracy was heavily interbred with Ashkenazis.'

I haven't looked at these claims in detail, but I have no doubt they're exaggerated.

Rassenhygieniker said...

"n/a said...

I haven't looked at these claims in detail, but I have no doubt they're exaggerated."

They are not exaggerated, take the case of Queen Victoria whom claimed ancestry from King David.

Queen Victoria (Armenoid):

Armenoid race:

"Susanna and the Elders" painting from 1888 by Arnold Böcklin depicting armenoids engaging in typical swarthoid behaviour:

Armenoid woman from Tunisia:

Rassenhygieniker said...

"Anonymous said...

The Armenians may be Christian, but even the ones in the part of Armenia which is part of Europe are still far more West Asian in genetics than anyone else in Europe, according to the admixture analysis thus far released."

You don't need no "admixture analysis" hogwash to agree with what has been said about them far before any 23andMe or AncestrybyDNA came unto existence.

You can clearly see them for the mongrels they are just by looking at them:

The armenians are basically christian jews, similar in race/physique and behaviour/mentality to ashkenazi jews.

Hail said...

Anonymous wrote:
The Armenians may be Christian, but even the ones in the part of Armenia which is part of Europe are still far more West Asian in genetics than anyone else in Europe

Is there any part of Armenia which is "part of Europe"?

I suppose it depends on one's definition of Europe.

Hail said...

N/A, that's one..."interesting" site you link to. (Multicultural Monarchy). I'd like to see you do a post debunking those claims.

Among other claims, that site says British royalty:

-- "has Mongol blood" and descends from Genghis Khan
-- descends from Mohammed
-- descends from Khazars
-- descends from Sephardic-Jews
-- descends from Steppe Nomads called the Cuman
-- that Queen Elizabeth "trace[s] Her...lineage to the Tang Dynasty [of China]"
-- [I sense a regret the makers of this site couldn't find a remotely-plausible Black-African connection]

Anonymous said...

Is there any part of Armenia which is "part of Europe"?

Thinking about it the traditional definition of Europe's boundary in that area was the Greater Caucasus mountain range, and all of Armenia seems to be past that mountain range.

What confused me is that there's also a "Lesser Caucasus" mountain range which cuts through Armenia.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people refer to the Lesser Caucasus mountain range as just the Caucasus.

But it looks like from what I've found that the Lesser Caucasus are about a hundred miles south of the Caucasus mountain range which forms Europe's geographical barrier with Asia.

Hail said...

the Caucasus mountain range which forms Europe's geographical barrier with Asia.

This could be debated.

I'd say the Armenians' only claim to being European is their Christianity. Remove that and no one would claim they were European. No one claims Azeris are European, after all, who live right next door. I don't think anyone claims Chechens and Ingush and all the rest of those Islamic peoples over there are European.

Personally, I think the most effective border to delineate Europe from Asia, today, is the River Don.

n/a said...


Even if real, a few "exotic" genealogical ancestors 50 generations back will have essentially zero bearing on the genetic makeup of someone like Prince William today. Most Europeans undoubtedly do have a few non-European ancestors if one goes back far enough, but this does not prove what "Multicultural Monarchy"-types seem to think it proves.


Queen Victoria is not Armenoid.

Hail said...

n/a, that is more or less what I wanted to hear. Some of the specific claims are probably easily debunkable, and the over-arching "theme" is refutable.

There are probably many people who read such things and believe the British Monarchy is swimming in non-European genetics. Someone with no knowledge base of understanding would suppose so, from reading that "Multicultural Monarchy" page. (I suppose some of them would think there is a conspiracy, perhaps involving plastic surgery, to conceal this).

It is important to counter such lies.

Rassenhygieniker said...

"n/a said...

Queen Victoria is not Armenoid."

On Skadi she was classified as Dinarid + Alpinid (which would give a similar phenotype to Armenoid)

Hail said...

The Skadi consensus seemed to be:
largly Alpinid, with a relatively light Dinarid strain.

In her younger depictions, she is clearly mostly Alpinid, nothing outside Central-European norms.
Note that she also had blue eyes.

Armenoid is not a proper classification. Franz Kafka, now that is an Armenoid.

Anonymous said...

Rassenhygieniker said...
"n/a said...

Queen Victoria is not Armenoid."

On Skadi she was classified as Dinarid + Alpinid (which would give a similar phenotype to Armenoid)

It is interesting how "Mr. Super-Duper Nordish" rASSy himself is saying such things - since then he is admitting and acknowledging that Northern Europe, particularly England, is indeed NOT "100% Nordish" as he and the McCulloch groupies like to maintain - if in fact even the Royal Family itself are supposed 'swarthoids' (lol).

Rass is like the guy who puts down a banana peel for someone else ... and winds up tripping on it himself.

Rassenhygieniker said...

"Hail said...

Armenoid is not a proper classification. Franz Kafka, now that is an Armenoid."

The pure original formation of the White race found in Northwestern Europe derived in this manner comprise from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic: the Palaeo-Atlantid, the Nordid (with North-Atlantid, Faelish, and Scando-Nordid subraces).

The contaminated peripheries (mongrels altered by non-caucasoid admixture) of the "white" race from outside of Europe, in Southern Europe and in Eastern Europe derived in this manner comprise from oldest to newest stabilized blends: the Taurid (with Dinarid, Armenid, and Mtebid subraces), the Carpathid, the Berid, the West-Mediterranean, the East-Mediterranean, the Volgid, the East-Baltid, the East-Alpine, the West-Alpine, and the Scando-Lappid.

Franz Kafka is not Armenoid, but Mtebid specifically, similar racial type as Joseph Stalin's father "Vissarion Ivanovich Djugashvili":

Typical Swarthoid Behaviour:

"Vissarion Ivanovich Djugashvili, was an unsuccessful village shoemaker. He is said to have been a drunkard who was cruel to his young son, Joseph. When Joseph was a young boy his father left him."

And Armenoid is a proper classification, you can find them in high numbers in Armenia, Turkey, Greece and among Ashkenazi jews, here an armenoid who posted his nigger mug on stormfront:

The Balkanites "dinarics" half-turanids/half-arabs (like the anti-Nord TomiSLAVE Sunic) even guessed that he was "Armenian", "Georgian" before he revealed that he was Greek.

More pictures of Armenoid from Armenia and Greece:

Here are some pictures of Greeks:






Compare them with these Armenoid Armenians:

Gagik Jahangirian:

Galust Sahakyan:

Armen Avetisyan (Leader of the "Armenian Aryan Union"):

And a comparison from "Mark" I found on a forum:

On the left Dimitris Th. Tsatsos (Greek) and on the right Henry Kissinger (Jew):

Now compare them with Queen Victoria's mother:

Queen Victoria's blue eyes comes from her father who is english, the rest comes from her mother who is from the mainland (Germany):

Anonymous said...

Queen Victoria's blue eyes comes from her father who is english,

Wow. You don't even understand the genetics of eye colour.

Rassenhygieniker said...

What is so hard to understand? The father of Queen Victoria had blue eyes and it passed on to her. This case happens even to people who are not european or not "caucasoid":

"Sumerians who lived over five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia are almost identical in skull and face form with living Englishmen." - Carleton Coon, The Races of Europe (1939)

Excavations demonstrated that the original Sumerians were long-headed, but they faced two invasions, one from the Semites that came from the NorthEast and one from the Anatolians that came from the Northwest. This was a formation of Asianic + Semitics and Anatolics to form a stabilized mongrel blend known as "Cappadocid", this is why you can find plenty of Sumerians statues with varied divergent traits (Armenoid, Arabid, Nordid etc) from their melting-pot "race":

Anonymous said...

Wow. You don't even understand the genetics of eye colour.

Rass doesn't understand the genetics of much anything (including himself).

So again Rass, are you then once again maintaining that 'swarthoid' blood is not only present in Northern Europe, but is even to be found in its highest echelons, namely the Germanic Royal Family? (no equivocating this time, Mr. Slick 'Atlantid')

Anonymous said...

Queen Victoria's blue eyes comes from her father who is english,

Wow. You don't even understand the genetics of eye colour.


Yup, it was the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon/Norman invasions that introduced the highest percentages of Nordic (or as rASS likes to say, 'Nordid') blood into the British gene pool, so Queen Victoria's father was just as German/Germanic (rather than pure English) as her mother, who was "from the mainland".

Rassenhygieniker said...

"Anonymous said...

So again Rass, are you then once again maintaining that 'swarthoid' blood is not only present in Northern Europe, but is even to be found in its highest echelons, namely the Germanic Royal Family"

I am not mainting anything as I have never made such claims, you do not comprehend much about how royalty works do you?

Yes when a king or queen marries a foreigner from the mainland who happens to be a partial swarthoid or a complete swarthoid, then the swarthoid blood starts to "crawl" in the familly.

Henrietta Maria of France was a swarthoid (Orientalid) and married Charles I of England and Scotland and thus became Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland as the wife of King Charles I.

The Mother of Queen Victoria also married Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn and thus became Princess.

You get the idea... or maybe not, either way who cares, at the end of the day the swarthoids are still sandniggers and the Britons are still British.

Anonymous said...

You get the idea... or maybe not, either way who cares, at the end of the day the swarthoids are still sandniggers and the Britons are still British.

Ah, but the "British Islanders" have the most swarthoid blood in all of Northern Europe (and of course this is growing with each passing day - with the flood of Africans and especially Afro-Carribeans 'shacking up' with British women (and men I suppose).

I read somewhere that like 40% of Black males in Britain have a White spouse, or 'partner'.

*I can see why you are always throwing a hissy fit now, Rass.

Anonymous said...

There is a bit of Jewish admixture in the British Royal Family, primarily Sephardic Jewish.

For instance, the wife of King George III, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, was German but had strange features, pointing to likely Sephardic Jewish ancestry through Portuguese ancestors; some even claim she had African ancestry:

Anonymous said...

First, he royal family claims to be direct descendants of the older Armenian royals. Therefore, it is not only the connection described above. Second, it is only through the Armenian royal line that "Europeans" can even remotely have a connection to the emperors of antiquity. Armenians are the only line of succession to the very ancient Cyrus the Great, Parthian Kings, and Roman Emperors. Later, most of the emperors of Byzantium were Armenian. In fact, most of the Georgian royal families were Armenian royals.

The reality is that if the royal family cuts off the "Armenian" heritage then they lose much of their claim to be a line that extends back to antiquity.

Personally, I would rather have no connection to the British Royal family. Why? Europeans have a history of trying to project themselves in the past and recreate ancient peoples in their image. Once the Armenian line is removed from their background, the British Royals become very mundane and ordinary, which is what it should be.

Stop trying to steal Armenian history. Stop trying to project yourselves in the past. The realty is that when Europeans were "barbarians", Armenians had an empire that was competing with the Romans. If it was not for the fact that we continually face a two front from Western and Eastern invaders, things would have been different.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that the Armenian line also extends to Hittite, the Ionian Greek Kingdoms, and the Urartu confederation.

Also, I find it amusing how you English try to attack Armenians by claiming they are not "European" and are only related to "Europeans" through Christianity when, in fact, much of Greek civilization was built upon the Palace City States of the Near East. If anything much of western civilization is in fact from the east.

Who do you think the Greeks took much of their influence from? Who was the great empire in the east? The Persian Empire. Go to any Classic Departments, they will tell you the same story. Much of western civilization is a copy of the eastern palace city states.

Furthermore, much of the rich history of the romans and greeks are only preserved to Armenian translations of ancient books that are still today located in Mesrop Mashtots Library of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan, Armenia. There are some translations in there that you can find only in their Armenian version.

Furthermore, gothic architecture stems from the contact between crusaders and Armenian kingdom of Cilicia.

This is the case even in the Balkens. The many rulers of the Austria-Hungry have roots in the Armenian royal family. The Catholic Church forced much of the Armenian nobility in those countries to convert or leave the country. Again ... there is so much more and I apologize for not providing sources, but my point is stop trying to downplay Armenians. They are one of the backbones of western civilization. Much of what we know as "western" is a mix of Greek, Armenian, and Persian culture. Stop trying to downplay the significance of these people and culture and stop trying to project yourselves in the past. Greeks, Persian, and Armenians are cultural very similar. Our language, history, and identity are intertwined to with each other. We have fought each other many times, but in the end we have also contributed to each others cultural development.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah... you're just another swarthoid living in a Nordish nation as we have the best countries in the world.

The best you can do is ramble on about what happened in antiquity, while currently your country's economy is worse than Africans. "Forbes: Armenia is the world’s second worst economy."

Anonymous said...

First, the topic clearly is about the royal family. Clearly, when you read the comments, I feel offended because much of it is an attempt to insult Armenians. No one is claiming to be "European", but Europeans do claim to be inheritors of Roman civilization. This is clearly delusional on the part of Europeans. Like I said, Romans referred to the Germanic tribes as "Barbarians".

Second, it is not only during the time of antiquity that Armenians contributed to European culture. During the crusades, much of architectural style you see in Europea with regards to castle, fortifications, and cathedrals, all of it, stems from the style from the Armenian state, Cilicia. Tragically, while Armenians gave Europeans knowledge, European catholics tried to force the Armenian people to convert to Catholicism via the Latin Lusignian royal family. Eventually, Asia-Minor and Middle-East was lost to Islam because of this.

Third, Armenians have contributed to the development of many inventions and innovations. First, through the Ottoman Empire, you have much of what transmitted from the East to West. Second, via the many balken states and governments. It is numerous to list, but this is not what we are talking about here.

Fourth, if you had any intelligence, you would realize that most of those articles are written by writers paid by Azeri oil money. It has already been proven that much of what was written in that article was a lie. Oil money, from you know where, goes into pockets of corrupt Americans, Jews, and Europeans. They begin to write negative things about Armenians, that is the reality or else a GDP growth of 5% a year does not warrant any of the comments in the Forbes article. Much of it was BS written for Azerbaijan and paid by oil money.

It is really just amazing how uneducated you Europeans are. It is silly for me to read how you claim that "Armenians are this and that", but use our royal to project yourselves in the past. The whole "Armenians are Asian" ... I can cite genetic studies that clearly state Armenian genes are a admixture of the native population (i.e. Urartu) and the Indo-European tribes. Both groups are ancient peoples of the Near East, if not the most ancient and I am very well dam proud to have both peoples background and identity. So stop with the Armenian bashing and know your history or else people will correct you. That is the reality. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Also ... now that I read that comment you made regarding Nord etc ... etc ... I don't leave in any Nord country. Funny you mention Nord civilization ... much of Nord civilization is based off the innovations of Germans and Germans are not even Nords. Incidentally, the German language has the highest concentration of words related to Tocharian (Indo-European) next to the Armenian language. It is Armenian first, German second, than Greek of all the languages they sampled. I just mention this because it highlights the reality that the Indo-European home is in the Armenian Highlands (AKA Greater Armenia). Just saying, incase you did not know. Stop with the Superman fantasies, know your history and stop disrespecting Armenians with all the bullshit you write about us. We know, we read, we are not ignorant. We had an alphabet, a language, and etc ... almost 1500 years before the unification of the loose kingdoms that formed the German empire (the "Nord" race). Germans are not Nords btw. Germans are germans. I don't see why everyone tries to attach themselves to their accomplishments. Let them have their own identity. Nords are people from Iceland, Greenland, Norway, and etc ....i.e. ancient Vikings. Germans were not Vikings. Germans were nomadic tribes that came from Indo-European stock.

Talking about "swarthy" Armenians you also omit to mention that much of the UK populations have genes from the Asia-Minor. Furthermore, in the oldest Anglo-Saxon history books, it clearly states that the British people from Armenia. People in glass houses should not thrown stones. I hope you remember that. The more shit you talk about Armenian, the deeper you have to dig. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Just a note ... for the racist douch that claims "superman" ideology here is something interesting he or she can ponder:

You know, I don't want to list the achievements of Armenians XYZ in the modern age, but I just would like to make it a point that given the circumstances, history, and geography of Armenia, no people in the world can compare to them. The Europeans and Muslims have an edge due to geography, but even then, Armenia is still successful. Fortunate are the people that have neighbors that value civilization.

If you look at the many kingdoms and states of Armenia, you can see that the continuous problem Armenia faces is the pull from East and West. Today, there exists these same forces on Armenia. If it was not for the continual tug-of-war played by West and East in Armenia, the country could be multiple times ahead, but unfortunately, the world, for some reason, has a strange fascination with Armenia and Armenians. Apparently, Armenia "means nothing, but it means everything". I don't know, it almost ridiculous that Armenians are caught between two civilizations that Armenians predate by approximately 3 to 4 thousand years.

Originally, when I read this thread, I didn't want to reply, but really, the few comments made were ridiculous. Clearly, the recent genetic studies points to a 30 to 40% R1b Y-DNA Haplogroup and 5 to 10% R1a Y-DNA Haplogroup. Additionally, Armenians have a 4 to 6% I Y-DNA Haplogroup ("Northern-Northern Europea"). The rest (J1, J2, G) are all the indigenous DNA of native populations (i.e. HIttites, Phrygians, and Hurrians i.e. Urartu), which were a mix of Indo-European/Hurrian civilization. To be more precise, Armenian DNA is mix of:

(A) Foreign Indo-European people who spoke a Proto Greek-Armeno-Phrygian language that traveled to the "Anatolia" (Armenian Highlands) and the indigenous ancient "Anatolian" people (Caucasian/Hurrian civilizations)


(B) Indigenous Indo-European people who spoke a Proto Indo-European language that traveled to Europe via nomadic farmers and the indigenous Caucasian/Hurrian tribes.

In either case, you have about 55% "European" DNA, 40% Caucasian/Hurrian, and 5% from natives of Europea (i.e. "Northern-Northern Europe"), which again points to the coupling of the ancient Indo-European tribes of the region with the ancient civilizations at that time (hittites, Urartu, Phrygian, and etc.). In any case, my point being that compared to many populations of Europea, Armenians are somewhat more "European" genetically. What ever that means and I find it insulting that a few Brits keep on trying to put up a arrogant attitude when in fact it could quite possibly be the case that Brits themselves come from the Asia-Minor and that Armenians are their ancestors.

Furthermore, the only difference really between Germans and Armenians (which share a strong similarity in some components in their languages) genetically is that when the German tribes migrated to where they are now they mixed with the indigenous populations similar to how the Armenians mixed with the native civilizations. That is why when you look at their DNA, they are very similar in most areas except that Germans have more DNA from Northern Europe and Armenians have more DNA from what we now know as "Anatolia/Southern Caucasian" (Used to be known as Armenian Highlands). That is why I find it ridiculous that people from Northern Europea attach themselves to Germans, but the ancient Germans tribes were not even indigenous. They were a foreigners in the region.

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't want to claim that Brits, Germans, and Armenians are one people. All are a very unique. They have a rich history, but please stop with the "Armenians are asian". That is not correct and it is not precise. The genetic studies clearly indicate that Armenians in Armenia do not have a "Asian" component. Finish, Estonians, Russian, and Hungarians do. You can look at the genetic studies here:

I frankly don't give a flying fuck that the Royal Family is Armenian. They are not even native English. They are Saxons from Germany, but I think it is more crucial for British interests to bolster the Armenian line because it is so ancient. Just my two cents, again, the Armenian royal line leads to ancient empires. It is probably the only royal line that can be traced to Cyrus the Great and antiquity.

Again, I don't want to bash anyone. I don't care about "who is or who is not European". I dont care. I consider all those mentioned here Europeans except Armenians. Armenians are a very unique people that can't be compared to anyone else. We share a very unique history and it is very hard to communicate this to Non-Armenians. I would say the closest people Armenians can relate with are the other populations that were subjugated under the Ottomans, but even then, they don't understand how important Asia-Minor is. Essentially, Asia-Minor is the center of where many civilizations originated from. It is shared collective identity of western civilization. .. (cont...)

Anonymous said...

In closing, I would like to make it point also that the capital of Europea shifted from Persepolis to Rome. What I am getting at, the capital of "western" Civilization has shifted. At one point, it was in what we now know as Iran. Then it shifted west. Now it has shifted even more west. The lesson to this history story, is that the people on top, "the elites", lose power when they ignore the demographics at the bottom. You can bring janitors in, but eventually the janitors become palace guards. The palace guards eventually realize that they should be running the empire because they can, so, the former "elites" become replaced with new "elites". The people don't really care because they were genetically and culturally replaced a long time ago. This is the rinse and repeat process of civilization. Good luck, hope you learned something. It is not "A-level" material, but there is too much to write and not enough time to write it.



How is the British Racial Ranking system impacting the White Royal families of Europe?

Is it possible that dark eyed, dark haired White Supremacist Racists are reigning over blond / blonde haired, blue / pale eyed White European Royalty?


Anonymous said...

Looks like the sheep keepers from Altai and Mongolia aka Azeris and Truks are busy bashing Armenia and anything that has to do with Armenians. Armenians do not give a damn what you think.

The Armenian Highland said...

Dear anti-Armenian douchebags:

A few posters said everything I wanted to say about Armenian history to put you white-trash bigots/Turks/Azeris in your place and I will add some more.

No matter how hard you bigots try, you will never escape Armenian history, because it is more powerful than anything else in this planet. And one reason for this is, Armenians are the birthgivers to civilization.

And yes, Armenians and Jews "look alike" because it even says in the bible and Armenians did not descend from Jews but the other way around, and add to that Persians, Greeks and Italians and Levantine Arabs, etc.

Armenians and Germans also have connections, and you know what the nation of Armenia and Germany is called in the bible? ASHKENAZI.

You desperate clowns also try to downplay Armenians in british history when it says the first Britons arrived from Armenia - with all kinds of moronic "excuses" like "oh, that was a mistake and its actually Armorica, written incorrectly" - HA! Even here you can't escape, because Armorica is from the region of the basque which are also descendants of Armenians. So good luck to all you anti-Armenian fools living in your pathetic fantasy world with no history, but the Armenian one you have to borrow in order to have one.

Unknown said...

Historic sources on Armenian-European relations

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, page 1 paragraph 1

"The first inhabitants were the Britons, who came from Armenia"

Prominent German historians on their origins

Veit Arnpeck
"Baioarius mit seinem fraisamen volk hat seinen ursprung aus dem land Armenia"
Baoiarius (Bavarius) with his freedom loving people came from Armenia

Johannes Turmair
"künig Tuitschen ode Teutschen, unserm ersten vater und herren, auß Armenien kommen ist"
King Deutsch, our first patriarch and lord came from Armenia.

Ernst Hohl on Armenius (Hermann)
Liberator of Germany
"Teilnahme am Orientfeldzug des C. Caesar, wobei er sich den Namen "der Armenier" (Armenius) erwarb"

Member of the orient campaign of C.Caesar, where he earned the name "The Armenian"

Unknown said...

Very interesting reseawrch done here thank you! I think tho at the end of the day...when we ask ourselves what is British and or how British they are does not really matter...thats like saying how American is and American since the nation is made up of immigrants. Im South African and i say that because I truley beleive it to be that way because I was born and bred there..but if you go back a couple hundred years im a big fat mixture of German, Dutch and French! The Benedictine monk Bede, writing in the early 8th century, identified the English as the descendants of three Germanic tribes... im not sure it qualifies anyone not to be one thing or some stage then we can say Australia, SA, USA and any such nation as European...

I get your point tho...if you go back to roots...but then at some stage we can question every group on every continent...coz at some stage some one or tribe was probably there before...Are we all Africans...since that was supposed to be were the first people come from? ;) Thank you for this tho...It has really added to my research which is purely recreational.

Unknown said...

He is my relative

Unknown said...

Wow! Just was curious what the ethnicity of the royal family was. Thought it was a simple question. I have determined that as I call myself "American" they are "English".