Moldbug purged from tech conference at urging of communist Jew

Moldbug cultist blames "Comstockery"; approvingly quotes Emma Goldman.

I was not the only one to notice the irony in the situation:

@Nick_B_Steves: Then a known (lying, "no platform" lefty, asshole) enemy of #NRx [steveklabnik] notices #MM at #Strangeloop

@kmaj_gpt: @Nick_B_Steves Is that a "crypto-calvinist" surname?

(The situation becomes even more moderately amusing when you realize that Moldbug's urbit co-founder, Thiel fellow John Burnham, comes from Massachusetts and has a surname that likely reflects Puritan ancestry.)

A cogent response:

vxxc2014 June 5, 2015 at 7:42 pm

Cheer up. Shaw, and absolutely porn won….and so did Emma Goldman.

Now I’m not that dense. I do look at results. Those are the results. Not high principles, the actual results.

You may be confusing those defending a society with those who’s born purpose is burning it to the ground. Shaw was a monster, a Fabian but also genocidal in his own slow way…his slow genocide bears fruit now. On this subject of Civilizational Genocide Emma Goldman needs no further introduction. Comstock however clumsily was trying to stamp out porn. Not Art. We now have absolutely nothing banned in Boston or anywhere else….and we are not richer in arts for all our smut. Someone trying to do the right thing can always be mocked, even apparently after the consequences of failure are all around us. However that needs no introduction either.

What apparently does need an introduction is what Moldbuggery and who Curtis Yarvin actually is….the answer here is to leave him to his own, and their own justice. He could have just as well given you something to fight for….but he very cleverly convinced so many that the fault was their own….and the fault of people named Comstock, as opposed to people named Goldman.

The net result of Moldbug is while a great many of Yarvin’s natural born enemies – by their choice not ours, by their sacred commands and not ours, indeed without even most of us even conceiving of it – the net result of Moldbug is a great many young men who have every reason to fight for their people and no reason to lay down and die are quite prepared to exactly lay down and die, supposing that the root of all this is the Puritans and not the Jacobins of 1789, Karl Marx and the Bolsheviks. You are all quite jaded for your age, and not ready even in mind or spirit for a trial.

I hope that wasn’t too rambling, but it’s not important. What’s important is who fights to live, who fights for their people, and who doesn’t. Yarvin in his own way is striving for his, by putting you off the scent.

You will not make it, and you will not die well.


spandrell said...

"Great many young men"? You're joking, right? How many readers did Moldbug ever have?

How many of the Twitter "NRx" crowd do even know 10% of what he wrote about? How many people have ever properly read the idea that modern progressivism descends from Puritanism? The number is probably in the low hundreds.

So don't worry, Moldbug has had very, very little effect in the potential soldiers for your race war. You're still winning the battle for hearts and minds.

You're winning so much that most of the bastardized "NRx" movement that grew on Twitter out of Nick Land's brand of Moldbuggism have still shifted into white nationalism. Your pal VXXC is much more representative than Moldbug ever was.

spagetiMeatball said...

Wait a second....

Are you telling me these people like Moldbug actually exist, in the real world?

I thought they were just weird internet people.

Or, more probably, an incomprehensible early ARPANET simulation that wasn't shut down.

spagetiMeatball said...

Both "NRx" and "moldbuggism" are "movements", and the quotes are completely warranted here, that will remain on blogsites and twitter. Because 99.9% of the people who call themselves NRx'ers or Moldbuggers, are fucking weird and crazy. They have zero relevance to the world outside their basements, and nobody gives a fuck about them.

n/a said...


That's more or less what I anticipated from the beginning (that most moldbug converts with functioning endocrine systems who don't share moldbug's ethnicity would eventually find their way out the other side of moldbug's plantation).

I don't know or care how many people have been successfully and fully "pwned" by moldbug. But I still see people promoting the crypto-calvinist/Puritanism=communism nonsense from time to time outside your echo chambers, and I'll continue to respond when I feel like it.

Lew said...

"So don't worry, Moldbug has had very, very little effect in the potential soldiers for your race war. You're still winning the battle for hearts and minds."

Da Joos have plenty of soldiers marching and ready to march for their genocidal war on Europeans and Diaspora Europeans, but you know that. Perhaps you're one of them? But anyway, out of curiosity, if Yarvin's influence is exaggerated, why did "The Cathedral" instead of more apt metaphor "The Synagogue" or even "The Guillotine" take hold for a good while there?