HGP10 Symposium - The Genomics Landscape a Decade after the Human Genome Project

April 25, 2013: A commemorative all-day symposium, in Kirschstein Auditorium, Natcher Conference Center, featured a group of speakers. The event, The Genomics Landscape a Decade after the Human Genome Project,looked at the accomplishments of the decade with an eye to what is on the horizon. The date of the symposium was significant, occurring in the month that the HGP was announced 10 years ago, and coinciding with the date 60 years ago when James Watson and Francis Crick's article describing DNA's double-helical structure was published. The symposium is timed with both historic achievements in mind.

The $1,000 Genome, the $1,000,000 Interpretation - Kevin Davies

African Integrative Genomics: Implications for Human Origins - Sarah Tishkoff

Progress Since the Human Genome Project

Whole Genome Sequencing in Newborn Screening - Jeff Botkin

Annotating and Understanding Genomes - Ewan Birney

The complete list of talks is available here (with slides).

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