Zombie DNAPrint says Larry David is 37% Native American

It's back (its shitty test is back, anyway, through a licensing agreement with "DNA Diagnostics Center").


coldequation said...

The Mormons were right after all!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize they had Indians in the shetls of Poland. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Larry David IS indeed an Asiatic, if you get my drift.

Jason said...

I know that this is really off topic and I don’t want to disrupt the discussion in this thread, but take a look at what the Croatian (and probably Dinaric) Tom Sunic wrote today in The Occidental Observer. His hatred and envy of Nordics are once again on display just as it was in his “The Beauty and the Beast” series:

“It is no accident that the ideal type of White male beauty in the West never appears in a single racial type but rather as a combination of all three. Historically, the ideal type of an attractive White male has Nordic stature and skull with dark Dinaric or Mediterranean hair. No wonder that White women in the West are attracted to this combination, as embodied by films stars Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery, etc. Seldom is a pure Nordic male specimen viewed among White women as the epitome of male attractiveness. There are jokes in continental and southern Europe about blond-haired White males being “albinos” or “faggots.” Manliness, with a grain of machismo, has traditionally been associated with the Dinaric and Mediterranean subtypes.

“The ideal type of woman for a White male is also supposed to have other admixtures — next to her Nordic substance. Surprisingly, for many White males attractive White woman must have high cheekbones and a slight Oriental touch — to be fully “sexy.” (White males in the US are courting and breeding en masse with Asian women — perhaps partly due to Asian women poaching into the White gene pool. This is a socio-psychological topic that will be addressed separately in a later column).”


Apparently Sunic’s perception of attractiveness are biased by his ethnicity. In America the epitome of both male and female attractiveness is the standard Northwestern European. It is truly a shame that they let someone with such a clear animus against Northwestern Europeans (who constitute the vast majority of America’s white population) write regularly for The Occidental Observer.

Also, judging from the article Sunic knows nothing about physical anthropology.